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Asian Taste Inn

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  • Chinese, Japanese, Sushi
  • 2160 County Line Rd, Huntingdon Valley PA19006 40.1724129 -75.0736212
  • (Btwn Davisville & Shoemaker Rd)
  • (215) 364-1611
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Chinese Lunch Specials

Served From Monday-Saturday: 11am-3pm. Served With Soup (Wonton, Egg Drop Or Hot & Sour) & Rice (White, Brown Or Pork Fried)

Vegetarian Delight    6.50
Lo Mein choice of chicken, pork beef or shrimp   6.50
Chow Mein choice of chicken, pork beef or shrimp   6.50
Fried Rice choice of chicken, pork beef or shrimp   5.95
Moo Goo Gai Pan    6.75
Chicken With Cashew Nuts    6.75
Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork    
Chicken With Broccoli Or Mixed Vegetables    6.75
Roast Pork With Broccoli Or Mixed Vegetables    6.75
Beef With Broccoli Or Mixed Vegetables    6.95
Shrimp With Broccoli Or Mixed Vegetables    7.75
Kung Pao Chicken    6.75
Hunan Style Chicken Or Roast Pork    6.75
Hunan Beef    6.95
Pepper Steak With Onion    6.95
Chicken With String Bean    6.75
Shrimp With Cashew Nuts    7.75
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce    7.75
Chicken With Garlic Sauce    6.75
Beef With Garlic Sauce    6.95
General Tso's Chicken    7.75
Sesame Chicken    7.75
Seafood Delight shrimp, scallop, lobster & crab meat with mixed vegs   11.95

Lite & Healthy

Entrees with can be steamed with no salt, sugar, oil and msg. served with lite sauce on the side.   

Sushi Lunch Specials

Monday-Saturday: 11am-3pm.

Combo Roll

Choice Of Any (2) Rolls $8.95 / Any (3) Rolls $11.95. Served With Miso Soup Or Green Salad.

Tuna Roll    
Salmon Roll    
Yellow Tail Roll    
Eel Cucumber Roll    
Eel Avocado Roll    
Chicken Tempura Roll    
California Roll    
Boston Roll    
Philadelphia Roll    
Alaska Roll    
White Tuna Roll    
Spicy Tuna Roll    
Spicy Salmon Roll    
Spicy Yellow Tail Roll    
Spicy Snapper Roll    
Snapper Cucumber Roll    
Salmon Cucumber Roll    
Sweet Potato Roll    
Asparagus Roll    
Avocado Roll    
Cucumber Roll    
Shrimp Tempura Roll    

Sushi & Sashimi

Served With Miso Soup Or Green Salad.

Sushi Lunch 5pcs sushi & a california roll   10.95
Sashimi Lunch 9pcs of chef's assortment   11.95
Sushi & Sashimi Lunch 3pcs sushi, 4pcs sashimi & a california roll   12.95
Cooked Sushi Lunch 5pcs sushi & a california roll   10.95

Teriyaki & Tempura

Served With Miso Soup Or Green Salad And White Rice.

Chicken Teriyaki    7.95
Beef Teriyaki    9.95
Chicken Tempura    7.95
Shrimp Tempura    8.95


Chinese Cuisine

All Regular Entrees Are Served With White Rice Or Brown Rice Except Fried Rice And Noodle Dishes!


Egg Roll   (1) 1.65
Spring Roll Or Vegetable Spring Roll   (1) 1.65
Pan Fried Or Steak Meat Dumplings   (6) 5.50
Pan Fried Or Steak Vegetable Dumplings   (6) 5.50
Szechuan Dumplings   (8) 5.50
Fried Chicken Wings   (8) 5.50
Crabmeat Cheese Wangoon   (6) 5.50
Chinese Pizza    4.75
Cold Noodle With Sesame Sauce    4.95
Teriyaki Steak On A Stick   (4) 6.95
Teriyaki Chicken On A Stick   (4) 6.25
Jumbo Fantail Shrimp   (5) 6.95
B.B.Q. Spare Ribs  sm 7.95 lg 13.95
B.B.Q. Boneless Ribs  sm 7.95 lg 13.95
Pu Pu Platter seven assorted appetizers arranged on a revolving platter with its own volcanic clame. roast to your hearts content. (steak on stick, fantail shrimp, b.b.q. ribs, chicken wings, egg roll, spring roll, crabmeat cheese wonton)  (for 2) 13.95
Phoenix Roll a very delicate and crispy jumbo size roll, made of: lobster meat, shrimp, crabmeat, chicken and bamboo shoot. truly and a royal treat  (good for 2) 8.50


Wonton  sm 2.25 lg 3.95
Egg Drop  sm 2.25 lg 3.95
Chicken Rice  sm 2.25 lg 3.95
Chicken Noodle  sm 2.25 lg 3.95
Hot & Sour  sm 2.50 lg 4.25
Mixed wonton & eggdrop sm 2.50 lg 4.25
Chinese Mixed Vegetable Soup  sm 2.75 lg 4.95
House Special Wonton Soup   (for 2) 7.50
Chicken With Sweet Corn Soup   (for 2) 7.50
Seafood With Sweet Corn Soup   (for 2) 8.50
Seafood With Asparagus   (for 2) 8.50
Seafood With Bean Curd Soup   (for 2) 8.50

Rice & Noodles

Sm / Lg. Fried Rice With

Chicken Or Pork Or Vegetable   4.50 7.75
Beef Or Shrimp   4.95 8.50
House Special Fried Rice   5.50 8.95
BBQ Duck Fried Rice   5.95 9.25
Xo Shrimp Fried Rice   lg 9.75

Rice & Noodles

Sm / Lg. Lo Mein With

Chicken Or Pork Or Vegetable   5.25 7.95
Beef Or Shrimp   5.75 8.95
House Special Lo Mein   5.95 9.50

Rice & Noodles

Lg. Chow Fun (Flat Noodle) Or Mai Fun Noodle With

Chicken Or Pork Or Vegetable    9.50
Jumbo Shrimp Of Beef    10.50
Seafood Combo shrimp, scallop & crab meat   14.95
Singapore Mai Fun shrimp, chicken, pork with curry   9.95

Rice & Noodles

Lg. Cantonese Style Pan Fried Noodle With

Chicken Or Pork Or Vegetable    10.50
Jumbo Shrimp Of Beef    11.50
Seafood Combo shrimp, scallop & crab meat   14.95


All White Meat With

Broccoli  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
Mixed Vegetables  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
Cashew Nut  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
Mushroom  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
Sweet & Sour  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
Moo Goo Gai Pan  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
String Bean    9.95
Garlic Sauce    9.95
Kung Pao Style    9.95
Hunan Style    9.95
Szechuan Style    9.95
Curry Sauce    9.95
Snow Peas    10.50
Pineapple    10.50
Moo Shu With Pancake    10.50
Eggplant    10.50
General Tso's    11.95
Sesame Sauce    11.95
Lemon Sauce    11.95
Mango    11.95
Orange Sauce    11.95
Crispy Chicken With Honey Walnut    12.95


Broccoli  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
Mixed Vegetables  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
Mushroom  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
Sweet & Sour  sm 6.25 lg 9.95
String Bean    9.95
Hunan Style    9.95
Garlic Sauce    9.95
Snow Peas    10.50
Moo Shu With Pancake    10.50


Broccoli  sm 6.75 lg 10.95
Mixed Vegetables  sm 6.75 lg 10.95
Mushroom  sm 6.75 lg 10.95
Pepper & Onion  sm 6.75 lg 10.95
String Bean    10.95
Garlic Sauce    10.95
Hunan Style    10.95
Curry Sauce    10.95
Kung Pao Style    10.95
Szechuan Style    10.95
Snow Peas    11.95
Eggplant    11.95
Moo Shu With Pancake    11.95
Orange Sauce    13.95
Sesame Sauce    13.95

Chef's Specialties

General Tso's Chicken And Shrimp tender chunks of white meat chicken and shrimp marinated and quickly fried until crispy, blended in an unique spicy sauce.   14.50
Melting Snow Prawns crispy delicate jumbo prawns souffle served over rich cream sauce and sprinkled w. honey glazed walnut. a can't miss treat for those love seafood.   15.50
Gourmet Special Treat jumbo shrimp and tender chicken meat blended in with fresh asparagus, broccoli, mushroom, and snow peas quickly sauteed a retain its crispness and flavored a garlic and hot pepper sauce   14.50
Sizzling Subgum Wor Ba a delightful blend of jumbo shrimp, lobster meat, tender chicken meat, and roast pork, w. hearts of chinese veg., mushroom, water chestnut, bamboo shoots. served on a sizzling platter   15.95
Sizzling Seafood Wor Ba lobster meat, fine cut of crabmeat, jumbo shrimp, deep sea scallops. blended with imported golden baby corn, tender slices of bamboo shoot, snow peas and chinese veg. with our chefs special sauce   17.50
Triple Crown for the adventure and sophisticated plates. a spicy combination of jumbo shrimp, deep sea scallops and chicken blended with water chestnuts, scallions, and ginger in a spicy sauce, an inspiration from the szechuan cuisine   14.50
Jumo Shrimp With Honey Walnut crispy outside, tender inside, and assorted in a special plum garlic sauce. top with honey walnut   15.50
Crispy Or Steamed Seabass ginger & scallion, sweet & sour, hunan, szechuan or black bean sauce   
Imperial Seafood Platter a savory combination of lobster chunks, crabmeat, shrimp, scallop. blended with garden vegetable, baby corn, straw mushrooms, and water chestnuts.   17.50
Four Seasons fine cut of crabmeat, jumbo shrimp, slices of barbecued pork, beef mushroom and snow peas cooked w. black bean sauce and a more suspicion of garlic   14.50
Heaven And Earth fine cut of crabmeat, chicken, slices of roast pork, and fresh shrimp, blended deliciously w. pineapple, snow peas and mushroom.   14.50
Triple Delight Hunan Style combination of jumbo shrimp, chicken and beef sauteed with fresh vegetables in a spicy black beam sauce in hunan style.   14.50
Spicy Shrimp, Scallop And Squid W. Pepper Corn Salt jumbo shrimp, scallop and squid deep fried, sauteed with spicy salt.   15.50
Sizzling Beef And Scallops scallops and slice of beef and mixed vegetables. sizzled on a hot iron plate and smothered in a rich black pepper sauce. a truly delicious sizzling dish.   15.50
Sizzling Triple Delight W. Asparagus jumbo shrimp, scallop & chicken breaded w. chef's special brown sauce on a hot sizzling platter:   15.50
Lobster Any Style cantonese, ginger & scallion, szechuan or black bean sauce.   

Jumbo Shrimp

Broccoli  sm 7.50 lg 11.95
Mixed Vegetables  sm 7.50 lg 11.95
Lobster Sauce  sm 7.50 lg 11.95
Sweet & Sour  sm 7.50 lg 11.95
Cashew Nut  sm 7.50 lg 11.95
Garlic Sauce  sm 7.50 lg 11.95
String Bean    11.95
Kung Pao Style    11.95
Szechuan Style    11.95
Hunan Style    11.95
Curry Sauce    11.95
Black Bean Sauce    11.95
Snow Peas    12.95
Eggplant    12.95
Moo Shu With Pancake    12.95
Mango    13.95
General Tso's    13.95
Orange Sauce    13.95
Sesame Sauce    13.95
General Tso's    13.95
Crispy Chicken With Pepper Corn Salt    13.95

Sea Scallop

Broccoli    13.50
Mixed Vegetables    13.50
Garlic Sauce    13.50
Kung Pao Style    13.50
Hunan Style    13.50
Snow Peas    13.95
Pepper Corn Salt    16.95
Orange Sauce    16.95


Black Bean Sauce    11.95
Kung Pao Style    11.95
Hunan Style    11.95
Crispy Chicken with pepper corn salt   12.95


Wor Siu Duck    14.95
Roast Duck    14.95
Hunan Duck    14.95
Peking Duck with special steamed bun skin half 15.95whole 28.95


Vegetarian Delight    8.95
Fried Bean Curd With Vegetables    8.95
Broccoli With Garlic Sauce    8.95
Hunan Vegetables    8.95
String Bean With Garlic Sauce    8.95
Szechuan Tofu    8.95
Moo Shu Vegetables With 4 Pancakes    9.50
Eggplant With Garlic Sauce    9.50
General Tso's Bean Curd (Tofu)    9.95

Chow Mein

Sm / Lg.

Chicken Or Pork Or Vegetable   5.25 8.25
Shrimp Or Beef   5.50 8.95
House Special Chow Mein   6.25 9.50

Egg Foo Young

Chicken Or Pork Or Vegetable    8.95
Shrimp Or Beef    9.50
House Special Egg Foo Young    9.95

Lite & Healthy

Entrees Are Steamed With No Salt, Oil, Sugar Or M.S.G. And Special Live Sauce On The Side

Vegetarian Delight    8.95
Tofu With Vegetables    9.95
Chicken With Broccoli Or Mixed Vegetables    9.95
Shrimp With Broccoli Or Mixed Vegetables    11.95
Seafood Combination    16.95

Combination Platters

Served With Pork Fried Rice, Egg Roll & Choice Of Soup (Wonton, Egg Drop Or Hot & Sour)

1. Lo Mein choice of chicken, roast pork, beef or shrimp   9.95
2. Chow Mein choice of chicken or roast pork or shrimp   9.95
3. Chicken With Cashews    10.95
4. Chicken With Broccoli Or Mixed Vegetables    10.95
5. Beef With Broccoli    10.95
6. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork    10.95
7. Beef With String Bean    10.95
8. Chicken With String Bean    10.95
9. Pepper Steak With Onion    10.95
10. Chicken With Garlic Sauce    10.95
11. Beef With Garlic Sauce    10.95
12. Moo Goo Gai Pan    10.95
13. Shrimp With Cashew Nut    11.95
14. Shrimp With Mixed Vegetable Or Broccoli    11.95
15. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce    11.95
16. B.B.Q. Ribs Or Boneless Ribs    11.95
17. General Tso's Chicken    12.50
18. Sesame Chicken    12.50

Side Order

Black Bean Sauce   (1/2 pt) 1.50
General Tso's Sauce   (1/2 pt) 1.50
Brown Sauce   (1/2 pt) 1.50
Garlic Sauce   (1/2 pt) 1.50
Duck Sauce   (1/2 pt) 2.00
Hot Mustard Sauce   (1/2 pt) 2.00
White Rice   pt 1.25
Brown Rice   pt 1.75


Japanese Cuisine

All Sushi Can Be Made With Brown Rice Also!

Soup, Appetizers & Salad

Miso Soup    2.25
Green Salad    3.00
Seaweed Salad    4.50
Avocado Salad    4.95
Kani Salad    5.95
Tako Salad    5.95
Lobster Meat Salad    7.50
Gourmet Seafood Salad    9.50
Edamame    3.95
Shrimp Tempura app   5.95
Sushi Sampler   (4pcs) 6.95
Sashimi Sampler   (8pcs) 9.95
Gyoza   (7pcs) 4.95
Shumai   (9pcs) 4.95
Yellow Tail Jalapeno    9.95
Tuna Capachio    9.95

Sushi Bar Entrees

Served With Miso Soup Or Green Salad.

Sushi Dinner a tuna roll (reg 7pcs) 15.95(dlx 10pcs) 19.95
Sashimi Dinner chef's assortment (reg 15pcs) 18.95(dlx 21pcs) 24.95
Tuna Lover 3pcs sushi, 3pcs sashimi & a tuna roll   16.95
Salmon Lover 3pcs sushi, 3pcs sashimi & a salmon roll   15.95
Yellow Tail Lover 3pcs sushi, 3pcs sashimi & a yellow tail roll   16.95
Sushi & Sashimi Dinner 6pcs sushi, 9pcs sashimi & a tuna roll   23.95
Triple Roll Dinner tuna, salmon & yellow tail roll   13.95
Spicy Triple Roll Dinner spicy tuna, salmon & yellowtail roll   14.95
California Roll Dinner   (3) 12.95
Maki Combo tuna roll, california roll & cucumber roll   11.95
Unagi Don broiled eel topped with special sauce over rice   18.95
Chirashi assorted sashimi on a bed of sushi rice   19.95
Vegetable Roll Dinner sweet potato, asparagus & avocado roll   9.95
Sushi 12pcs sushi & 12pcs of tuna & california roll  (for 2) 26.95
Party Sushi Tray 16pcs sushi & 24pcs of sushi roll   42.95
Love Boat 10pcs sushi, 18pcs sashimi, tuna & dynamite roll   48.95

Sushi Roll Or Hand Roll

California Roll    4.50
Boston Roll    4.95
Philadelphia Roll    4.95
Alaska Roll    4.95
Eel Cucumber Roll    4.95
Eel Avocado Roll    4.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll    6.50
Chicken Tempura Roll    4.95
Spider Roll    8.95
Futo Maki    5.95
White Tuna Roll    4.95
Tuna Roll    4.95
Salmon Roll    4.75
Yellow Tail Roll    4.95
Spicy Tuna Roll    5.50
Spicy Salmon Roll    5.25
Spicy Yellow Tail Roll    5.50
Spicy Snapper Roll    5.25
Salmon Cucumber Roll    4.75
Yellow Tail Cucumber Roll    4.95
Snapper Cucumber Roll    4.75
Spicy White Tuna Roll    5.50

Special Rolls

Pink Fuji Roll tuna, salmon, eel, kani & tobiko  (12pcs) 13.95
Tokyo Maki tuna, salmon, yellow tail & tobiko  (12pcs) 13.95
Chesapeake Roll shrimp tempura & avocado inside, spicy tuna on top  (8pcs) 12.95
Ocean King Roll soft shell crab tempura & avocado inside, spicy tuna on top   14.95
Sweet & Spicy Deluxe Roll eel cucumber inside, spicy tuna & salmon on top   11.95
Angry Tuna Maki tuna cucumber inside, covered with spicy tuna & wasabi tobiko   11.95
Sunshine Maki salmon cucumber inside, topped with white tun a& tobiko   10.95
Tropical Maki mango, kani, cucumber & crunchy   6.95
Dynamite Roll shrimp, eel, kani, avocado & tempura fried   9.95
Dragon Roll eel cucumber, inside, avocado & tobiko on top   9.95
Crazy Rock & Roll eel cucumber, kani inside, tuna & salmon on top   11.95
Crunch Roll smoked salmon, eel, avocado & crunchy   7.95
Rainbow Roll california roll wrapped with assorted fresh fish   9.95
Rainbow Eel Roll eel cucumber inside, topped with assorted fresh fish   10.95
Scorpion Maki eel cucumber, tobiko inside, covered with shrimp on top   9.95

Sushi Or Sashimi

$0.50 More For Sashimi. Per Order: Sushi (2pcs), Sashimi (3pcs).

Tuna maguro   4.95
Salmon sake   4.75
Yellow Tail hamachi   4.95
Red Snapper tai   4.50
Eel Unagi    4.95
Red Clam hokkigai   4.50
White Tuna    4.95
Albacore Tuna    4.95
Mackerel saba   4.00
Salmon Roe ikura   4.95
Flying Fish Roe tobiko   4.95
Shrimp ebi   4.95
Sweet Shrimp amaebi   4.95
Octopus tako   4.95
Squid ika   4.95
Crab Stick kani   4.00
Smoke Salmon kunsei   4.95
Egg tamago   3.50

Vegetable Sushi Roll

Asparagus Roll    3.50
Sweet Potato Roll    3.95
Oshingo Roll    3.00
Avocado Roll    3.50
Seaweed Roll    3.95
Cucumber Roll    3.00
Asparagus Cucumber Roll    3.95
Asparagus Avocado Roll    3.95

Teriyaki & Tempura

Served With Miso Soup Or Green Salad & White Rice

Vegetable Tempura    9.95
Shrimp Tempura    15.95
Chicken Tempura    13.95
Tofu Teriyaki    10.95
Chicken Teriyaki    13.95
Salmon Teriyaki    15.95
Shrimp Teriyaki    15.95
Beef Teriyaki    15.95



Lunch Special: $12.95 Monday-Saturday: 11:00am-3:00pm. Dinner Special: $22.95 Sunday-Thursday: 3:00pm-9:00pm. Not Valid With Any Other Offers - Order 3 Items Or Less At A Time - Any Left Over $0.50 Cents Each Piece Extra. All You Can Eat Sushi. Menu: Miso Soup, Green Salad.


Maguro tuna   
Sake salmon   
Hamachi yellow tail   
Unagi eel   
Hokkigai surf clam   
Kani crab   
Ebi shrimp   
Albacore Tuna    
White Tuna    
Tai red snapper   
Ika squid   
Tako octopus   
Saba mackerel   
Tamago egg   
Almaebi sweet shrimp. dinner only   
Tobiko flying fish roe. dinner only   
Ikura salmon roe. dinner only   

Sushi Roll Or Hand Roll

Spider Roll soft shell crab   
California Roll    
Alaskan Roll    
Philadelphia Roll    
Boston Roll    
Shrimp Cucumber Roll    
Shrimp Tempura Roll    
Chicken Tempura Roll    
Eel Avocado Roll hand roll   
Eel Cucumber Roll hand roll   
Tuna Roll hand roll   
Tuna Cucumber Roll hand roll   
Spicy Tuna Roll hand roll   
Salmon Roll hand roll   
Salmon Cucumber Roll hand roll   
Yellow Tail Roll hand roll   
Spicy Yellow Tail Roll hand roll   
Yell Tail Cucumber Roll hand roll   
Red Snapper Cucumber Roll hand roll   
Spicy Red Snapper Roll hand roll   

Vegetarian Roll

Sweet Potato Roll    
Oshingo Roll    
Cucumber Roll    
Avocado Roll    
Asparagus Roll    
Seaweed Roll    


Consuming Raw Or Under Cooked Meat, Seafood Or Egg May Increase Your Risk Of Foodborne Illness!
Asian Taste Inn
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Btwn Davisville & Shoemaker Rd
(215) 364-1611
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