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Chocolate by Mueller

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  • Desserts
  • 212 S 12th St, Philadelphia 19107 39.948216 -75.160904
  • (At St James St)
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  • (215) 922-6164
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Almond Bark $22.95

Almond Bark almond bark is an old fashioned style of serving up a healthy dose of almonds and chocolate. almonds are healthy, but when you add the extra boost of antioxidants from dark chocolate, its even better  
Sugar Free Almond Bark just like our original almond bark, this is a big seller for people who cant have sugar.  

Caramel And Candy Apples

Red Candy Apples #88 granny smith apple, tart and crunchy, coated in a hard cherry flavored hard candy. sweet and tart.    6.00
Plain Caramel Apples traditional caramel apple. you will be glad you found this product. you could spend a bundle on apples from other stores. ours are made fresh from us to you.    8.00
Caramel Nut Apples have a treat! a caramel nut apple is a great taste.    8.50
Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples granny smith apples, #88 count. coated in a thick layer of caramel, then chocolate covered. add nuts for extra tasty experience.    10.50

Chocolate Caramel Nut Turtles $24.95

Pecan Caramel Turtles this is one of our most popular items. a dollop of caramel deposited on to a bed of unsalted pecans, then coated in chocolate  
Cashew Turtle fresh roasted cashews with drops of caramel, covered in rich chocolate.  

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips potato chips and chocolate come together for this great flavor!    24.95

Chocolate Covered Pretzels $16.95

Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel the classic chocolate covered pretzel. this is the original. this is our best selling product. philadelphia's favorite. a convention goers must have when in philadelphia  
Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels easily pop the mini version of our classic milk chocolate covered pretzel. bite sized with larger then life flavor.  
Peanutzels (TM) a great combo! peanut butter chocolate covered pretzels half dipped in your choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate.  
Chocolate & White Chocolate Pretzels pretzels first dipped in white chocolate, then half dipped in either our milk chocolate or dark chocolate. when in philadelphia, you must try a muellers pretzel.  
Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel another classic. for the old fashioned pallet. a crunchy lightly salted pretzel, coated in our high coco solid dark bitter sweet chocolate.  
Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Pretzels peanut butter chocolate covered pretzels are great for peanut butter and chocolate lovers.  
White Chocolate Covered Pretzels white chocolate dipped tom sturgis pretzels.  

Crystallized Mints

Chrystalized Cream Cinnamon Hearts     11.95
Chrystalized Cream Flowers (Poinsettia) a traditional christmas holiday flower gift, this gift can be given and eaten. mint flavored with a melt in your mouth feel.    12.95
Chrystalized Cream Wafers melt in your mouth chrystalized cream waffers. available in lemon, lime, orange cinnamon, grape, wintergreen and maple    12.95
Chrystalized Mint Daises     12.95
Crystallized Cream Mints Hand Decorated Christmas gorgeous hand decorated crystallized mints    24.95
Crystallized Cream Wreaths crystallized cream wreaths. available in cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint    15.95
Crystallized Mint Leaves decorative crystallized mint leaves.    10.95
Pink Wintergreen Hearts     10.95
White Peppermint Hearts     10.95

Coconut Bonbons

Coconut Bonbons a very dense coconut cream center, coated in a very lightly flavored fondant. this is a one pound assortment. includes all colors.    15.95

Domestic Licorice

Licorice Allsorts an english licorice. we kind of claim it as our own.    9.95
Licorice Bridge Mix an assortment of candy covered licorice, licorice creams, assorted gummy licorice, licorice gum drops.    9.95
Licorice Pastells this classic licorice is a tradition candy. we have lots of customers who buy these.    10.95
Licorice Wheels red or black licorice wheels.    9.95

Fudge $13.95

Chocolate, Vanilla Swirl smooth creamy taste and feel. this is a no brainer when it comes to gift giving. who doesn't like either chocolate or vanilla?  
Chocolate Fudge creamy chocolate fudge, remember the summer vacation at the shore, all year round. this is a great gift idea, or something to share with your family.  
Chocolate Nut Fudge rich creamy chocolate fudge with walnuts.  
Maple Walnut Fudge maple walnut fudge, creamy fudge with robust maple flavor. this is a great fall time item.  
Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge brilliant!! chocolate and peanut butter combined into one bite. this is so delicious this is a must have if you love peanut butter and chocolate  
Vanilla Fudge old fashioned creamy vanilla fudge.  
Vanilla Nut Fudge rich creamy fudge with walnuts. this is a classic favorite.  

Fun And Weird Chocolate Molds

Anatomically Correct Chocolate Heart our world famous anatomically correct chocolate heart! packed in a clear plastic box on a bed of grass.    14.95
Brain Mold ever wish you could give someone some brains?    14.95
Chocolate Bagel great quality chocolate in the shape of a bagel. complete with white chocolate oozing out!    14.95
Chocolate Ears these ears are ok to bite. made with high quality chocolate.    22.50
Chocolate Guitars be a chocolate guitar hero, leave the video games to the kids, and be a hit with chocolate guitars.    9.90
Chocolate Noses oops I thought you said a dozen noses!!!!!!    22.50

Glanced Fruit - Crystallized Ginger $22.95

Glazed Australian Apricots fancy and great for any gift occasion  
Glazed Orange Peel a truly different taste. once tried, your hooked.  
Glazed Pineapple sweet and tangy.  

Halloween Candy

Candy Corn old fashioned candy corn. for the nostalgic, and sentimental. halloween is not complete without a dish of candy corn on the coffee table or office desk.    10.95
Fall Leaf And Truffle Box a festive assortment of foiled milk chocolate fall leafs and truffles.    12.95

Hand Decorated Sugar Cubes $7.95

Hand Decorated Sugar Cubes hand decorated sugar cubes, are an excellent item for entertaining. garnish the coffee saucers, add to the desert tray too.  
Hand Decorated Sugar Cubes hand decorated sugar cubes, are an excellent item for entertaining. garnish the coffee saucers, add to the desert tray too.  

Handmade Fruit And Nut Clusters $22.95

Almond Clusters roasted no salted almonds, coated in rich creamy chocolate  
Cashew Clusters fresh crunchy brazilian cashew pieces hand made into a large bite sized cluster.  
Coconut Clusters this is a very popular item. toasted coconut hand made into a large bite sized cluster.  
Macadamia Clusters oh the divinity of the macadamia and chocolate. treat yourself like a god or goddess  
Peanut Clusters the classic cluster. roasted salted spanish peanuts hand made into a large bite sized cluster.  
Pecan Clusters unsalted pecans hand made into a large bite sized cluster.  
Raisin Clusters california raisins hand made into large bite sized clusters  

Holiday $10.95

Chocolate Straws old fashioned chocolate straws. crunchy shell filled with chocolate.  
Old Fashioned Clear Toy Candy old fashioned barley sugar, clear toy candy, a christmas tradition.  
Lantation Danties a very old fashioned assortment of hard and filled christmas candy.  
Sugar Plums dreams of sugar plums dancing in your head? merry Christmas to all,  

Imported Licorice $13.95

Haribo Pretzel Shaped Licorice Drop Krakelingen haribo pretzel shaped licorice drop krakelingen chewy, sweet licorice with a sugar coat imported from holland - made by haribo  
K & H Button Shaped Licorice - Knoopjes hard, salty sweet black licorice imported from holland - made by k&h  
K & H Fruit Rockies soft, chewy and sweet black licorice with colored fruit flavored center imported from holland - made by k&h  
Katja Fish Shaped Licorice Dropharingen soft and chewy, salty/bittersweet taste, black and brown licorice imported from holland - made by katja  
Katja Sweet Buttons - Kokindjes soft and chewy, sweet black licorice imported from holland - made by katja  
Klene Coin Shaped Licorice - Muntendrop chewy, sweet black licorice imported from holland - made by klene  
Licorice Fingers imported dutch licorice. bitter sweet, mild salt, firm and chewy  
Venco Brown Sponge Candy - Zoete Griotten soft, sugar coated brown licorice candy. imported from holland - made by venco  
Double Salt Licorice if you like a salty taste in licorice, you have found it! hard, very salty, black licorice. imported from holland - made by venco  
Licorice Cats try licorice cats. imported from holland.  
Zwarte Rondos hard, chewy candy with very salty licorice center. imported from holland - made by venco  
Soft Salt Diamonds soft salt licorice is like the name implies - soft and salty and flavorful!  
Salt Salmiac Pastilles Katja Small Black Diamonds katja small black diamonds - salmiak pastilles hard, salty black licorice imported from holland - made by katja  
Kookaburra Licorice (Australia) kookaburra licorice imported from australia. dense, chewy and flavorful!  
Heksehyl Zout Licorice -Witch Sticks imported from holland - made by toms, toms witch sticks - heksenhyl chewy, bittersweet candy with a licorice filling  
Farmers Salt Licorice this is licorice with a farm theme. shapes such as farm animals, tractors, and more.  

Irish Potatoes

Irish Potatoes this unique item is a st. patrick's day tradition. coconut cream rolled in cinnamon    10.95

Italian Fruit Chips $26.95

Assorted Fruit Chips made in italy, this is a good item for enthusiasts of hard candies. this is slightly softer then traditional hard candy.  
Eucalyptus Chips- Imported From Italy this is a great item in the winter. soothing eucalyptus, really helps sooth sore throats and sinus problems. imported from italy by chipurnoi  
Licorice Chips- Made In Italy this product is made in italy. a perfect gift for a licorice lover. these will go great on your desk at the office, or on your coffee table.  


Large Marzipan Gift Box a decorative gift box of marzipan    20.95
Small Marzipan Gift Box our small marzipan gift box is a great way to treat your special someone.    8.95

Misc Sugar Free Candies

Sugar Free Almond Bark just like our original almond bark, this is a big seller for people who cant have sugar.    22.95
Sugar Free Assorted Fruit Chews a great treat for people who do not wish to consume sugar.    10.95
Sugar Free Gummy Bears just like the original, only with no sugar.    13.95
Sugar Free Jelly Beans     13.95
Sugar Free Licorice Bites     8.95
Sugar Free Orange Cream great sugar free snack.    10.95
Sugar Free Peppermint Patties dark chocolate sugar free chocolate peppermint patties.    22.95
Sugar Free Wild Cherry Chews nice tasting wild cherry sugar free treat    8.95
Sugar Free Pecan Turtles pecans, caramel, sugar free chocolate.    22.95
Sugar Free Cashew Turtles a dollop of sugar free caramel deposited on to a bed of cashews then coated in sugar free chocolate.    22.95
Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups this item speaks for itself. chocolate, peanut, sugar free. what else can person ask for when shopping for sugar free chocolates    22.95
Sugar Free English Toffee a sugar free toffee coated in milk chocolate sugar free chocolate.    22.95
Sugar Free Cherries sugar free chocolate covered cherries in a sugar free syrup.    22.95
Sugar Free Marshmallows a sugar free marshmallow coated in our sugar free chocolates.    22.95

Non Pareils $18.95

Seasonal Nonpareils nonpareils decorated for the season. made with milk chocolate or dark chocolate. this picture is just one example of how we change colors for the seasons.  
White Top Nonpareils a traditional taste! non pareils with milk chocolate or dark chocolate.  

Old Fashioned Crunchy Centers $16.95

Dark Chocolate Mint Sticks a minty crunchy center, coated in our rich dark chocolate  
Molasses Honeycomb Sponge fantastic molasses flavored crunchy center, coated in our fine blend of chocolate.  
Peanut Butter Bolster crunchy peanut butter center, coated in rich creamy chocolate  
Peanut Butter Sticks a two inch crunchy peanut butter centered stick, coated in either milk or dark. or get both in a mixed pound  

Oreos, Graham Crackers, Marshmallows $16.95

Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers graham crackers coated in either milk or dark chocolate  
Chocolate Covered Marshmallow chocolate covered marshmallow. coated in either milk or dark chocolate.  
Chocolate Covered Oreos the already wonderful oreo, made even better by coating it in our milk or dark chocolate.  

Roasted Nuts

Jumbo No Salt Cashews this is a great snack, football season is upon us. stock up today.    14.95
Roasted Almonds roasted no salt almonds, good for you and great to eat.    10.95
Roasted No Salt Delux Mixed Nuts     14.95
Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts wow, these are divine. great snack, great to put out while entertaining.    16.95
Salted Jumbo Cashews jumbo roasted brazilian cashews. great gift idea, also go great when entertaining.    14.95
Salted Mamouth Pecans salted mamouth pecan half's.    14.95
Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts its november, its cold out, the game is on, friends are over, turkey is in the oven. what are you gonna snack on? cant go wrong with these    14.95

Sugar Free Clusters $22.95

Sugar Free Almond Clusters this item is out best sugar free seller just like the original. a cluster of roasted no salt almonds covered in our rich dark chocolate sugar free chocolate. a super treat for people who can not have  
Sugar Free Cashew Clusters a remarkable feat! chocolate with no sugar, and cashews! this is a must have for any one who can not have sugar.  
Sugar Free Chocolate Pecan Clusters no salt pecans made into a sugar free cluster. same as our original, without the sugar  
Sugar Free Peanut Clusters cant have sugar? want some chocolate peanut clusters? try these!  
Sugar Free Raisin Clusters all natural raisins, non sugared. made into a cluster with our sugar free chocolate  

Toffee $22.95

Almond Butter Crunch order our almond butter crunch today. chocolate covered toffee covered in almonds.  
English Toffee good quality english toffee with that old fashioned taste.  


Large Creamy Truffle Assortment Box remember someone special with an assortment of creamy truffles.    40.95
Small Creamy Truffle Assortment Box give an assortment box of creamy truffles!    18.95
Truffles pick your dark chocolate flavored center, and pick your chocolate covering.    26.95

Valentines Day Chocolates, Candies

Anatomically Correct Chocolate Heart our world famous anatomically correct chocolate heart! packed in a clear plastic box on a bed of grass.    14.95
Chrystalized Cream Cinnamon Hearts     11.95
Pink Wintergreen Hearts     10.95
White Peppermint Hearts     10.95


Chocolate by Mueller
212 S 12th St
At St James St
(215) 922-6164
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