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Hokka Hokka

  • $$
  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 7830 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia 19118 40.068928 -75.19909
  • (At E Moreland Ave)
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  • (215) 242-4489
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Cold Appetizers

Sashimi Appetizer Assortment of fresh fish    15.00
Sushi Appetizer Three pieces of nigiri & one spicy tuna roll    14.00
Spicy Tuna Tartare Freshly chopped tuna    12.00
White Fish Carpaccio Thinly sliced white fish with drizzled with hot oil, yuzu soy sauce and scallions    12.00
Yelltail or Whitetuna Carpaccio Thinly sliced fish served with jalapeno yuz soy sauce and scallions    13.00
Tuna Tataki Lightly seared tuna with scallions and ponzu sauce    12.00
Seared Black Pepper Salmon Salmon with jalapeno miso sauce, served with salad side tossed in wasabi dressing    12.00
Uni Spoon Uni wrapped in salmon sashimi, topped with tobiko, scallions and ponzu sauce    9.00
Tuna Sundae     13.00
Kampachi Tiradito Thinly sliced amberjack scallions, yuzu sauce and jalapeno    14.00

Hot Appetizers

Shumai Steamed shrimp dumplings    6.00
Gyoza Fried beef dumplings    6.00
Fried Oysters Lightly breaded and fried, served over mixed greens    9.00
Edamame Steamed and salted soybeans    5.00
Agedashi Tofu Four pieces of lightly fried tofu with ponzu sauce, scallions and roasted seaweed strips    7.00
Calamari Rings     10.00
Tempura Appetizer Shrimp and vegetable tempura    11.00
Gilled Scallops Served over mixed greens with sesame and teriyaki sauce    10.00
Negimaki Scallion and cream cheese rolled in thinly sliced beef, grilled and served with sweet soy sauce    10.00
Avocado Tempura Six pieces of lightly fried avocado and tempura sauce    8.00
Cod Tempura Ten pieces of lightly fried cod fish and tempura sauce    12.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls Fried mixed vegetable roll with sweet plum deeping sauce    5.00
Spicy Chicken Wraps Diced chicken breast sauteed in spicy sauce, served in lettuce cups    10.00
Steamed Vegetables Steamed seasonal vegetables served with teriyaki sauce    12.00


House Salad Mixed greens, avocado, red cabbage and carrot with house ginger dressing    7.00
Hiyasiwakame Seaweed salad    5.00
Calamari Salad Mixed greens with fried calamari    13.00
Crab Salad Served with avocado, cucumber    6.00
Sashimi Salad     13.00
Spicy Sashimi Salad Your choice of yellowtail, salmon or tuna sashimi, over cabbage, avocado, cucumber and mixed greens with japanese sesame dressing    14.00


Miso Served with tofu and scallions    2.50
Miso Served with manila clams and scallions     5.00
Hokka Soup In-house made shrimp dumplings and veggie in chicken broth    6.00

Entree - Teriyaki

Grilled and served with steamed vegetables, rice and teriyaki sauce

Chicken     18.00
Filet Mignon     23.00
Shrimp     20.00
Salmon     20.00
Seafood Scallop and shrimp    23.00
Mixed Vegetable     16.00
Tofu & Vegetable     18.00
Vegetable     14.00
Shrimp & Vegetable     21.00
Chicken & Vegetable     17.00
Mixed     23.00
Shrimp, Chicken and Vegetable Only shrimp    21.00
Shrimp, Chicken and Vegetable only Codfish     21.00

Entree - Noodles

Thick white wheat noodles in fish stock

Udon     9.00
Tempura Udon Shrimp and vegetable    15.00
Chicken Udon     14.00
Spicy Seafood Udon Shrimps, scallops, mussels and clams    17.00
Yaki Udon Stir fry noodle with sweet soy sauce  
Vegetable Yaki Udon     14.00
Chicken Yaki Udon     16.00
Seafood Yaki Udon     18.00

Entree - Specialty

Hamachi Kama Jawbone yellow tail fish served with rice, vegetables and ponz sauce    18.00
Hwae Dup Bap Assorted bite size sushimi mixed green, avocado, carrot, cucumber and home made sweet red pepper sauce    21.00

Chef's Choice Combination Platters

Chef's Sushi     27.00
Chef's Sashimi     32.00
Chef's Sushi, Sashimi & Maki Served one person    35.00
Chef's Sushi, Sashimi & Maki     55.00
Chef's Sushi, Sashimi & Mak Love Boat Served three people and up $25.00 per personal after three    75.00

A La Carte Sushi (2pc)

Salmon     7.00
White Tuna     6.00
Mackerel     6.00
Smoked Salmon     7.00
Salmon Roe     7.00
Smelt Roe     6.00
Striped Bass     6.00
Octopus     7.00
King Crab     8.00
Egg Omelet     5.00
Tuna     7.00
Yellow Tail     7.00
Bincho     6.00
Amerjack     8.00
Sea Urchin     8.00
Flying Fish Roe     6.00
Eel     7.00
Squid     6.00
Shrimp     6.00
Crab Stick     5.00

A La Carte Sashimi (3Pcs)

Salmon     8.00
White Tuna     7.00
Mackerel     7.00
Smoked Salmon     8.00
Salmon Roe     7.00
Smelt Roe     6.00
Striped Bass     7.00
Octopus     8.00
King Crab     9.00
Egg Omelet     5.00
Tuna     8.00
Yellow Tail     8.00
Bincho     7.00
Amerjack     9.00
Sea Urchin     8.00
Flying Fish Roe     6.00
Eel     8.00
Squid     6.00
Shrimp     6.00
Crab Stick     5.00

Regular Rolls

6pc. Any hand roll available

Tekka Maki Tuna     6.00
Sake Maki Salmon and avocado    6.00
Hamachi Maki Yellow tail and scallon    6.00
Unagi Maki Eel and cucumber    7.00
California Roll Crabstick, avocado, cucumber    6.00
Shrimp California Roll Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, spicy sauce and tobiko 4pc    8.50
California Kinf Crab Roll Crab, avocado, cucumber    11.00
Spider Roll Soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, avocado, scallon, masago, spicy sauce 5pc    13.00
Philly Roll Smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese    7.00
Alaska Roll Smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado    7.00

Spicy Rolls (6pc)

Spicy Tuna Roll     7.00
Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll     7.50
Spicy Yellow Tail Roll     7.00
Spicy Salmon Roll     7.00
Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll     7.50
Spicy Scallop Roll     8.00

Vegetable Rolls (6pc.)

Kappa Maki Cucumber     4.00
Avocado     4.00
Cucumber & Avocado Roll     5.00
Asparagus Roll     5.00
Umeshiso Pickled Plum Roll     5.00
Tempura Sweet Potato     6.50
Mix Vegetable Roll Avocado cucumber, asparagus, spring mix 5pc    6.50
Mixed Special Mango, avocado, cucumber    7.00

House Special Rolls (8pc)

Rainbow California topped with an assortment of sashimi    13.00
Dragon Eel & cucumber topped with avocado & eel sauce    11.00
Butterfly California topped with spicy tuna    11.00
Chestnut Hill Spicy tuna, crunch, topped with avocado, tempura crunch and spicy sauce    12.00
Hollywood Shrimp tempura, asparagus & spicy sauce, topped with salmon, avocado & eel sauce    15.00
Hokka Shrimp tempura & asparagus. Topped with eel, avocado, eel sauce & tobiko    15.00
Sunday Morning Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried. Topped with scallion, tobiko & spicy sauce    13.00
Volcano Eel, avocado & asparagus. Topped with spicy scallop & scallion    15.00
Farmars Spicy tuna, avocado, topped with seared salmon, scallion, tobiko, eel sauce, spicy sauce    15.00
World Series Spicy tuna & asparagus, topped with seared crab salad, tempura crunch & hot sauce    13.00

Chef's Special Rolls

Ruby Red Shrimp tempura & cucumber. Topped with tuna sashimi, tempra crunch, hokka yogurt sauce    16.00
Spicy Tuna, Crunch Topped with yellowtail sashimi, tempura crunch & spicy sauce & scallion    14.00
Cape Code Crab salad & cucumber. Topped with cod tempura, scallion, spicy sauce & eel sauce    15.00
Harvest Spicy tuna, crunch. topped with salmon sashimi, tempura crunch & spicy sauce    14.00
Lobster Snow crab & avocado wrapped in soybean paper. Deep fried, topped with lobster salad & sweet miso dressing    16.00
White Tiger Cucumber, avocado, tempura crnch, eel & eel sauce. Topped with white tuna sashimi and spicy white tuna salad, scallions, masago, spicy sauce and hokka yogurt sauce    15.00
Wasabi Crab Shrimp, cucumber, bell pepper & red onion. topped with real crab meat, scallion & wasabi sauce    16.00
Spicy Love Shrimp tempura, eel, eel sauce, asparagus & avocado. wrapped in soybean paper, topped with chopped tuna, sashimi mixed with tempura crunch, spicy miso sauce, shredded seaweed & hokka yogurt sauce    16.00
King Kong (5PC.) Crabstick & cream cheese. deep fried, topped with seared crab salad, hot sauce, eel sauce    15.00
Sunshine Mango, cucumber, scallion, tempura crunch & spicy sauce. wrapped in soybean paper, topped with lightly seared salmon sashimi & sweet miso sauce    15.00
Mr. Hokka Shrimp tempura, eel, eel sauce, scallion, avocado & asparagus. wrapped in soybean paper, topped with lobster salad & hokka yogurt sauce    16.00
Holiday Spicy tuna crunch. Topped with avocado, real crab salad & wasabi sauce    16.00

Side Extra

Tobiko     1.00
Crunch     1.00
Cream Cheese     1.00
Quail Egg     1.00
Avocado In roll $1.00, side $2.00. Inside out roll $1.00    1.00
Spicy Sauce     1.00
Teriyaki Sauce     1.00
Ginger Dressing     1.00
Eel Sauce     1.00
White Rice     2.00
Sushi Rice     2.50
Brown Rice     3.00
Steamed Veggies     4.00
Soy Bean Paper For Roll     1.50
Brown Rice for Roll     1.50

Soft Drinks

Coke     2.50
Diet Coke     2.50
Sprite     2.50
Ginger Ale     2.50
Brisk Iced Tea     2.50
Iced Japanese Green Tea     2.50
San Pellegrino     7.00


Orange     3.00
Orange Juice     3.00
Pineapple     3.00
Grapefruit     3.00
Cranberry Juice     3.00
Mango Juice     3.00



Japanese Noodle Soup

Udon & 3pcs California Roll     8.00
Tempura Udon     12.00
Spicy Seafood Udon     13.00

Bento Box

Served with miso soup, rice, house salad, 2pcs california rolls and fried gyoza

Chicken Teriyaki     9.00
Salmon Teriyaki     10.00
Shrimp Teriyaki     10.00
Beef Negimaki Teriyaki     10.00
Vegetable & Tofu Teriyaki     10.00
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura     10.00
Chicken & Vegetable Tempura     10.00
Vegetable Tempura     8.00


Served with miso soup

Sushi Lunch 4pcs of sushi & california roll    10.00
Sashimi Lunch 11 pcs of assorted fish    11.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combo 6pcs of assorted fish & 4pcs of assorted sushi    13.00
Chirash Bowl of sushi rice topping with raw fish    13.00

Maki Roll Combination

Served with miso soup

Tuna & California Maki     7.00
Spicy Tuna & Salmon Maki     8.00
Tumn, Salmon & California Maki     11.00
Mixed Vegetable & Avocado Maki     8.00
Dragon Roll     7.00
Chestnut Hill     9.00
Hollywood     12.00

Lunch Combination

Served with miso soup & house salad

Sushi & Teriyaki 4pcs of sushi & your choice of chicken or salmon    14.00
Sushi & Tempura 4 pcs of sushi & shrimp & vegetable tempura    14.00


Hokka Hokka
7830 Germantown Ave
At E Moreland Ave
(215) 242-4489
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