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Jack's Cold Cuts

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  • Deli Food, Sandwiches
  • 1951 Street Rd, Philadelphia 19020 40.096879 -74.94553
  • (Btwn Hulmeville Rd & Hansell Dr)
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  • (215) 639-2346
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Turkey Breast

1. Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast & Peppers asparagus & honey mustard on french baguette    6.95
2. Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast cranberry sauce & stuffing on french baguette    6.95
3. Turkey Breast & Kosher Salami alpine lace cheese, russian dressing & cole slaw on rye    6.50
4. Turkey Breast & Roast Beef havarti cheese, tomato and dijon mustard on kaiser roll    6.50
5. Turkey Breast bacon, lettuce, tomato, & cucumber on three pieces of wheat toast with fresh roasted turkey breast    6.95
6. Turkey Breast & Virginia Baked Ham lettuce & honey mustard on croissant    5.95

Corned Beef

7. Corned Beef, Kosher Salami & Dijon Mustard On Combination Rye     6.50
8. Corned Beef, Pastrami, Chopped Liver And Onion On Rye     6.95
9. Corned Beef & Turkey Breast bacon, lettuce, tomato & russian dressing on kaiser roll    6.50
10. Hot Corned Beef swiss cheese, sauerkraut & russian dressing on toasted rye reuben    6.95
11. Corned Beef russian dressing & cole slaw on rye    6.75


12. Hot Brisket melted american cheese & horseradish dressing on rye    6.50
13. Hot Brisket melted havarti cheese & honey mustard on french baguette    6.95
14. Hot Brisket & Fresh Turkey Breast lettuce, tomato & russian dressing on combination rye    6.95
15. Hot Brisket melted swiss cheese, fried onions & bbq sauce on kaiser roll    6.75


16. Pastrami & Turkey Breast lettuce, tomato, onion & honey mustard on rye    6.50
17. Hot Pastrami melted swiss cheese, cole slaw & russian dressing on combination rye    6.95
18. Pastrami & Kosher Salami chopped liver, bacon & onion on combination rye    6.95
19. Pastrami & Roast Beef tomato & dijon mustard on onion roll    6.50

Roast Beef

20. Homemade Roast Beef cheddar cheese, lettuce & cole slaw on onion roll    6.95
21. Hot Roast Beef provolone cheese, bacon, tomato, & horseradish dressing on italian roll    6.95
22. Hot BBQ Roast Beef havarti cheese, lettuce & onion on kaiser roll    6.50


23. Cappicola & Prosciutto provolone cheese, roasted peppers & mayonnaise on italian roll    6.95
24. Pepper Ham american cheese, tomato, onion & dijon mustard on kaiser roll    6.25
25. Virginia Baked Ham melted swiss cheese & dijon mustard on french baguette    6.50
26. Low-Salt Ham alpine lace cheese, lettuce, cucumber & mustard on wheat bread    6.50

Salad Sandwiches

27. Chunky Chicken lettuce, tomato & red onion on croissant    5.95
28. Tuna bacon, lettuce, tomato & hard boiled egg on rye    6.25
29. Egg lettuce, tomato, bacon & cucumber on whole wheat toast    5.95
30. Shrimp roasted peppers & lettuce on croissant    6.50
31. Seafood alpine lace cheese & cucumber on combination rye    5.75
32. White Fish lettuce, onion & muenster cheese on bagel    6.50
33. Roasted Vegetables plain or with cheese on french baguette    6.50
34. Grilled Chicken caesar dressing, romaine lettuce & cucumber on assorted wraps    6.50


35. Roast Pork mozzarella cheese & roasted peppers on baguette    6.95
36. Roast Pork sauerkraut on steak roll    6.50
37. Roast Pork prosciutto, melted mozzarella & honey mustard on baguette    6.95
38. "Cuban" Roast Pork ham, melted swiss cheese, yellow mustard & pickles on baguette    6.95

Jack's Deli Sandwiches & Hoagies

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato     4.25  5.50
BBQ Chicken Breast     7.25  6.00
Beef Bologna     4.95  5.95
Brisket     6.00  7.25
Buffalo Chicken     7.25  6.00
Cappicola     5.50  6.50
Corned Beef     6.00  7.25
Deli London Broil     7.25  6.00
Deli Turkey London Broil     6.00  7.25
Deli Turkey Breast     6.50  5.25
Fresh Roasted Turkey     7.25  6.50
Garlic Pepper Turkey     7.25  6.00
German Hard Salami     6.50  5.50
Grilled Chicken     7.25  6.00
Ham     6.00  4.95
Italian Salami     6.50  5.50
Kosher Salami     7.95  6.50
Liverwurst     4.95  5.95
Low Salt Ham     6.75  5.50
Pastrami     7.25  6.00
Pepper Ham     6.00  7.25
Pepper Turkey     7.25  6.00
Prosciutto     7.95  6.50
Roast Beef     6.00  7.25
Roast Pork     7.25  6.00
Spicy Santa Fe Turkey     6.00  7.25
Turkey Pastrami     6.00  7.25
Virginia Baked Ham     6.00  6.95

Jack's Salad Sandwiches & Hoagies

Chicken Salad     5.25  6.25
Egg Salad     4.95  5.95
Tuna Salad     5.25  6.25
Seafood Salad     5.25  6.25
Shrimp Salad     5.25  6.25
White Fish Salad     6.50
Chopped Herring Salad     4.95
Chopped Liver     6.00
Lox Spread     5.50


American beef bologna, cooked salami, veal loaf, & american cheese    5.50
Italian pepper ham, cappicola, genoa salami, & provolone cheese    6.25
Jewish corned beef, roast beef, pastrami, & kosher salami    7.25

Jack's Fish Sandwiches

Kippered Salmon & Cream Cheese     7.50
Nova Lox & Cream Cheese     7.50
Regular Lox & Cream Cheese     7.00
Jumbo Whitefish & Cream Cheese     7.50
Nova Lox, Whitefish Salad & Cream Cheese with tomato, lettuce & onion    8.50

Sandwich Extras

Roasted Peppers     1.50
Bacon     1.00
Cranberry Sauce     0.35
Cole Slaw     0.50
Cheese     0.50
Bagel with butter    1.50
Bagel with cream cheese    2.25
Sauerkraut     0.50
Baguette     0.75
Croissant     0.50
Wraps     0.35

Salad Bowl

The Following Salad Dressings Are Available: French, Russian, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Creamy Italian, Low-Cal Italian, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Vinegar & Oil, Balsamic Vinegrette

Spinach fresh spinach leaves, bacon bits, hard boiled eggs & baked croutons    5.95
Eddington Salad tossed fresh iceberg & romaine lettuce, flaked tuna chunks, diced tomatoes, chopped hard boiled eggs & sliced olives    6.50
Street Road Salad tossed fresh iceberg & romaine lettuce, chopped hard boiled eggs, diced tomatoes, cubed ham, provolone cheese & turkey breast    5.95
Caesar Salad tossed fresh iceberg & romaine lettuce, chopped hard boiled eggs    5.50
Caesar Salad with grilled chicken or london broil    6.75
Garden Salad tossed fresh iceberg lettuce & tomatoes, cucumbers & red cabbage    4.95
Valley Salad tossed fresh iceberg lettuce & tomatoes, cucumbers & red cabbage with fresh roasted turkey breast    6.95
Plaza Salad Deluxe crisp bed of iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, your choice of salads (choice of two): tuna, chicken, shrimp, egg, seafood with vegetable pasta salad    8.50
Salad Appetizers crisp bed of iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, your choice of salads (choice of one): tuna, chicken, shrimp, egg or seafood    6.50

Breakfast Sandwiches

Choice Of Rye, White, Wheat Or Kaiser Roll

Egg & Cheese     2.50
Egg & Cheese with sausage, bacon or ham    3.25


Continental Breakfast your choice of assorted muffins, danish, croissants, and bagels with butter, jelly and cream cheese spreads. includes juice   per person (10 person minimum) 6.50
Continental Breakfast with yogurt and fresh fruit   (per person) 7.95
Continental Breakfast bagel tray with cream cheese, butter & jelly   (per person) 3.95
Continental Breakfast add with coffee   (per person) 1.50
Hot Breakfast scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, sausage (choice of 2), pancakes or french toast, homefries, juice and bagels   per person (15 person minimum) 8.95

Vegetable Tray

12" Tray (Serves 10-12) $24.99 / 16" Tray (Serves 20-25) $44.99 / 35" Tray (Serves 25-40) $69.99. A Rainbow Of Fresh Garden Vegetables Including:

Celery And Tomatoes surrounding a homemade dip  

Cold Buffets

Smoked Fish Buffet all of our fish is of the finest quality and cut to order. this buffet offers: nova lox, jumbo whitefish fillet, kippered salmon, whitefish salad, chopped herring salad, cream cheese and chives spread, cream cheese, american cheese, imported swiss cheese, sweet muenster cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onion, green peppers, black olives, on pumpernickel and assorted bagels. absolutely delicious   per person (15 persons minimum) 15.95
Full-Size Sandwich Trays this tray gives you your choice of any meats or salads on combination rye, roll, and wrap. it's accompanied by potato salad & cole slaw, with plenty of pickles, mustard, mayo, and russian dressing   (per person) 8.45 (per person) 7.45
Fifty Mini-Sandwich Buffet this tray gives you your choice of any meats or salads on mini egg twist rolls. it's accompanied by potato salad & cole slaw, with plenty of pickles, mustard, mayo, and russian dressing   (25 persons minimum) 149.00
Hoagie Buffet we offer you any of our famous hoagies sliced in thirds and beautifully arranged on a tray. this comes with onions, hot peppers, sweet peppers, seasoned oil, vinegar, and mayo. your choice of potato salad, cole slaw, or macaroni salad (choice of 2). includes a tray of pickles   (10 persons minimum) 8.45
Hoagie Buffet add * premium meats   (per person) 1.00
Magnificent Meat Buffet at jack's we want you to have a little more than just a deli tray. we offer you any of our fine quality meats and cheeses listed below with a tray of pickles, mustard, mayo, russian dressing, potato salad & cole slaw on fresh rye bread and egg twist rolls. all beautifully garnished on a tray  
Land And Sea Buffet his is the best of both worlds. a fine combination of salads and meats: your choice of 3 magnificent meats and 2 assorted salads with lettuce, tomato, dressings, egg twist rolls and combination rye bread. includes cheese, pickles, potato salad, and cole slaw. absolutely delicious!   per person (10 person minimum) 10.95
Land And Sea Buffet add *premium meats   (per person) 2.00

Cold Buffets - Meat Selections $8.45

Per Person. 10 Person Minimum. *Premium Meats, Add $1 Per Person

Roast Beef   
Garlic Pepper Turkey   
Corned Beef   
Kosher Salami   
Imported Ham   
Genoa Salami   
Virginia Ham   
Fresh Roasted Turkey*   
Roast Pork   
Deli Turkey   
BBQ Chicken Breast   

Cold Buffets - Cheese Selections $8.45

Per Person. 10 Person Minimum. Choice Of 2 *Premium Meats, Add $1 Per Person

Swiss imported and domestic  
Regular And Sweet Muenster   
Vermont Cheddar   
Cooper Sharp   
Slender American   
Alpine Lace Swiss   

Extravaganza Salad Buffet $9.95

Per Person. 10 Person Minimum. This Tray Is An Arrangement Of Three Of Our Fresh Salads Such As. Served With American Cheese, Alpine Swiss Cheese, Sweet Muenster Cheese, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Pickles, Egg Twi

Chicken Salad   
Seafood Salad   
Egg Salad   
Shrimp Salad   
Tuna Salad   
Whitefish Salad   
Lox And Cream Cheese Spread   
Chopped Liver   
Chopped Herring Salad   

Hors D'Oeuvres $75

(Per 100). 4 Choices Per 100. Gourmet Hors D'oeuvres Selection Available.

Mini Pizza Bagel   
Filos spinach and cheese  
Assorted Miniature Quiche   
Egg Rolls   
Chicken Wings   

Boxed Lunches

Per Person

Bronze sandwich (ham, turkey, bologna, egg salad), soda, chips, cookies. condiments included.    7.50
Silver choice of assorted sandwiches along with tastykakes, chips, soda. condiments included    8.95
Gold choice of assorted unique sandwiches along with tastykakes, chips, soda. condiments included. choose from our unique sandwich menu    9.95

Hot Buffets - Main Entrees $9.95

Per Person.

Meatballs Or Sausage And Sauce   
Glazed Ham   
Kielbasa And Sauerkraut   
Roast Beef And Gravy   
Roast Or BBQ Chicken   
Roast Turkey In Gravy*   
Glazed Ham   
Roast Pork In Gravy   
Sausage And Peppers   
Chicken Strips   
Cheese Ravioli   
Chicken Parmigiana   
Stuffed Shells   
Chicken Or Sausage Scallopini   

Hot Buffets - Pasta Dishes $9.95

Per Person.

Penne with spinach & tomatoes  
Fettuccini Alfredo   
Macaroni And Cheese   
Penne Pasta with fresh roasted vegetables  
Rigatoni In Seasoned Tomato Sauce   
Pasta Salad   
Macaroni Salad   
Baked Ziti   
Macaroni Salad   
Potato Salad   
Cole Slaw   
Buttered Noodles   

Hot Buffets - Vegetables $9.95

Assorted Rolls, Garden Salad Or Caesar Salad. Choice Of 2 Main Entrees, 1 Pasta & 1 Vegetable, 10-20 Persons, 10 Person Minimum, Choice Of 3 Main Entrees, 1 Pasta & 1 Vegetable, 20 Person Minimum, *

String Beans Almondine   
Peas And Carrots   
Glazed Carrots   
Broccoli with butter & garlic  
Vegetable Medley   
Fresh String Beans with garlic and tomatoes  
Roasted Potatoes   

Delightful Dinners $11.95

Per Person. Served Hot And Delicious

Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast with gravy  
BBQ Or Roasted Chicken   
Brisket In Au Jus   
Roasted Potatoes, Kasha, And Bowties   
Glazed Carrots   
String Beans Amandine   
Cole Slaw   
Tossed Salad with dressings (choice of 2)  
Relish Tray   
Rye And Egg Twist Rolls   


Assorted Miniature Danish Tray    lb 8.95
Assorted Cookie Trays    lb 7.95
Seasonal Fruit By The Pound (5 Lb. Min)    lb 5.95
Assorted Cakes   
Assorted Miniature Dessert Tray    lb 12.99


Jack's Cold Cuts
1951 Street Rd
Btwn Hulmeville Rd & Hansell Dr
(215) 639-2346
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