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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 205 N 4th St, Philadelphia 19106 39.954379 -75.146359
  • (At Race St)
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  • (215) 922-1770
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Lunch Specials

All Lunch Specials Come With Miso Soup.

One 4 course lunch special, choice of any appetizer, house salad, choice of any sushi 2 pcs & 1 roll from maki sushi a la carte.    18.95
Two 4 pcs sushi, rainbow roll (8 pcs), 6 pcs sashimi    22.00
Three tekka maki, 2 pcs tuna sushi, spicy tekka maki.    12.95
Four california maki, 3 pcs salmon with avocado, 3 pcs unagi maki with cucumber, 3 pcs tekka maki    12.95
Five california maki, 1pc tuna, 1 pc salmon, 1 pc unagi, 1 pc white tuna    13.95
Six chirashi, assortment of sliced raw fish & sushi rice.    13.50
Seven avocado salad, cold noodle shrimp tempura maki    12.50
Eight california maki, 3 pcs unagi maki, 1 pc tuna, 1 pc salmon, 1 pc unagi, 1 pc ebi    14.95
Nine hwoe duo bap, brown rice or white rice, diced tuna, salmon, white fish green vegetable, masago, sesame seed oil with kisso's spicy red pepper sauce    10.50
Ten tekka maki , hamachi maki, salmon with avocado maki    13.95
Eleven soba salad, 3 pcs salmon with unagi & avocado maki, 3 pcs spicy tuna maki, 1 pc white tuna, 1 pc salmon, 1 pc tuna.    15.00
Twelve rainbow maki, 1 pc unagi, 1 pc spicy salmon & avocado with inari sushi, 1 pc tuna sushi    15.00
Thirteen chef's special dup dap (brown or white rice), spicy tuna, salmon, ikura, unagi, tobiko, avocado, picked cucumber, masago    13.95


Coca Cola     1.50
Diet Coke     1.50
Ginger Ale     1.50
Sprite     1.50
Iced Tea     1.50
Panna Natural Spring Water    sm 2.10 lg 3.95
San Pellegrino    sm 1.75 lg 4.95 med 3.25
Coffee     2.00


Red Snapper Carpaccio with red miso vinegrette    8.95
Unagi Kabayaki broiled fresh water eel    7.50
Kisso Cocktail spicy tuna, avocado, eel, masago, rice pop, pine nut & tobiko    8.95
Music Box served warm alaskan king crab in soy bean wrap with creamy soy sauce    8.95
Grilled Octopus with light garlic red miso vinaigrette    9.50

Soup & Salad

Miso Soup     2.00
U-Don Soup cold or hot    6.50
Cha Soba (Green Tea Noodle) served cold    7.50
House Salad ginger vinaigrette dressing    5.50
Seaweed Salad     5.00
Avocado Salad     6.50
Sunomono Salad fresh fish & seafood with sweet vinegar sauce    8.95
Tuna Tataki Salad sesame seed oil apple vinegar house blend light soy sauce vinaigrette with garlic sauce    14.95
Soba (Noodle) Salad with wasabi ginger dressing    8.95


White Rice     2.00
Brown Rice     2.00
Edamame tailed peas    4.50
Oshinko assorted japanese pickles    3.50
Baby Octopus     3.50
Marinated Green Seaweed Salad     3.50
Shumai     4.00
Sushi Rice And Roast Salt Seaweed     5.00
Seven Different Kinds Of Mixed Grains (Steam Rice) brown rice, brown sweet rice, barley, red bean, black eyed pea, kidney beans, purple sticky rice    4.00

Kisso Sushi Platters

Maki Sushi Combination salmon avocado eel with green nori outside 3 pcs, spicy tuna with ice pop outside 3 pcs, spicy tuna with ice pop outside 3 pcs, yellow tail scallion with tobiko 3 pcs, alaskan king crab avocado and masago 3 pcs, white fish with shiso pickled plum mango pickled cucumber 3 pcs    18.50
Chirashi Sushi assortment of sliced raw fish on sushi rice    18.00
Love Maguro And Hamachi 2 pcs tuna, 2 pcs yellow tail, 6 pcs spicy tuna with avocado, 6 pcs yellow tail with scallion   (16pcs) 23.00
Mix & Match Sushi Platter (Kisso Style) salmon with ikura, ika with emura & wasabi tobiko, super white tuna with shichimi chipped yellow tail with black tobiko, spicy tuna with inari, 3 pcs spicy salmon & eel maki    18.95
Tekka Don fresh tuna served on a bed of sushi rice    18.95
Lucky 7 Tuna Sushi Platters     18.95
Hwoe Dup Dap diced tuna, salmon, white fish, green vegetable, masago sesame seed oil with kisso's spicy red pepper sauce    15.50
Rainbow Delight 8pcs of sushi and 8pcs of rainbow roll    25.00
Kisso Sushi Roll Delight 3 pcs unagi maki, 3 pcs california, 3 pcs alaskan, 3 pcs tuna with avocado, 3 pcs yellow tail maki    17.50
I Love Tuna Sushi Combination 3 pcs tuna sushi, 6 pcs spicy tuna with avocado roll, 6 pcs tuna with scallion   (15pcs) 21.00

Kisso Sashimi Platter

Chef's Choice Sashimi (Kisso Style) five kinds of sauce with fish   (10pcs) 17.50
Sushi & Sashimi 8 pcs rainbow, 5 pcs sushi, 10 pcs sashimi   (23pcs) 29.00
Kisso Sashimi    (15pcs) 23.00
Tuna & Yellow Tail Sashimi    (8pcs) 21.00

Sushi A La Carte

Suzuki striped bass    6.50
Ebi cooked shrimp    4.50
Tai red snapper    7.00
Sake salmon    6.00
Maguro tuna    7.00
Saba pickled mackerel    5.00
Sawara s. p mackerel    5.50
Toro Belly belly of tuna  
Hamachi yellow tail    7.50
Kani Kama crab stick    4.50
Kani alaskan king crab leg    8.50
Tako octopus    5.50
Ika squid    5.50
Hokki Gai surf clam    4.50
Ikura salmon roe    6.00
Masago smelt fish egg    5.00
Tobiko Black & Red flying fish egg    5.50
Uni sea urchin    7.00
Unagi smoked eel    6.00
Inari sweet tofu skin    4.00
Tamago sweet cooked egg    4.50
Hotate scallop    6.50
Spicy Scallop     6.50
Spicy Tako with mari   (1pc) 5.00
Spicy Tuna with inari   (1pc) 5.50
Spicy Salmon Eel Avocado with inari   (1pc) 5.50

Kisso Special Maki

Alex's Maki broiled salmon with avocado tobiko, scallion and cucumber (8 pcs)    8.95
Jay Roll spicy tuna with salmon on top masago, rice pop, scallion (8 pcs)    12.95
Kisso Maki something special (6 pcs)    9.50
Spicy Tuna eel and avocado maki    8.95
Caterpillar Maki unagi, crab stick and masago top with avocado roll (8 pcs)    12.50
Killer Maki unagi, crispy salmon skin with cucumber and scallion maki (6 pcs)    8.50
Hot Dog Maki broiled yellow tail with asparagus and scallion maki (6 pcs)    9.50
S.S.T. Maki shrimp tempura with spicy tuna on top, sauce (8 pcs)    13.50
Kevin Maki crab stick, masago, asparagus, and scallion in broiled salmon on top (5 pcs)    8.50

Vegetable Sushi A La Carte

Umeshiso     4.00
Kappa cucumber    4.00
Avocado     5.00
Oshinko     4.50
Kanpyo     4.00
Shiitake Mushroom     4.00
Veggie Maki cucumber, avocado, asparagus, tomato, kanpyo, romaine, oshinko, carrot, red pepper    6.00
I Love Veggie Maki kanpyo, oshinko, avocado, pickle cucumber with tobiko & shiso    7.00
Garden Salad Maki spicy sauce crab stick with veggie    7.50
Yasai Sushi Platter 11 pieces of veggie sushi special (kisso style)    13.50

Maki Sushi A La Carte

California Roll     6.00
Yellow Tail with scallion maki    7.50
Spicy Tuna     7.50
Tekka (Tuna) Roll     7.00
Unagi with cucumber    6.50
Real California Roll     8.50
Philly Maki cream cheese, crab stick, cucumber    5.50
Alaskan fresh salmon, avocado    6.50
Rainbow tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado, super white tuna, masago, crab, cucumber (8 pc)    12.95
Dragon Maki 3 pcs unagi, crab stick, masago, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, romaine   (5pcs) 8.95
Spicy Surf Clam with scallion maki    6.50
Spicy California Maki     6.50
Spicy Octopus     6.50
Shrimp Tempura Maki     8.95
Bagel Maki     6.50
Spicy Squid Maki     6.00
Spicy Scallop Maki     6.50
Futo Maki     8.50
Salmon Skin Maki     6.00

Cooked Fish Platter

Served With Steamed Rice

Yaki Salmon broiled fresh salmon with sesame oil, comes with ponzu sauce & rice    14.50
Hamachi Kama best part of yellow tail    15.95
Unaju broiled fresh water eel over steam rice    15.95


Mochi Ice Cream     2.50
Green Tea Ice Cream     3.50
Dessert Sampler     5.50


Coca Cola     1.50
Diet Coke     1.50
Ginger Ale     1.50
Sprite     1.50
Iced Tea     1.50
Panna Natural Spring Water    sm 2.10 lg 3.95
San Pellegrino    med 3.25 sm 1.75 lg 4.95
Coffee     2.00


205 N 4th St
At Race St
(215) 922-1770
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