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Lemon Grass

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  • Thai, Vegetarian
  • 3630 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia 19104 39.958916 -75.1943
  • (Btwn N 36th & 37th St)
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  • (215) 613-2659
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Lemon Grass Soup traditional thai hot and sour soup with lemon grass, mushroom, lime juice and basil leaves.  
Lemon Grass Soup add chicken    3.50
Lemon Grass Soup add shrimp    3.95
Fisherman Soup hot and sour soup with combination of seafood, lemon grass, mushroom, lime juice, chilli paste and basil leaves.    4.95
Coconut Milk Soup your choice of meat in coconut milk, with galangal, kaffir lime leaves, mushroom and lime juice.  
Coconut Milk Soup add chicken    3.50
Coconut Milk Soup add shrimp    3.95
Seafood Coconut Milk Soup combination of seafood in coconut milk with galagal, kaffir lime leaves, mushroom and lime juice    4.95


Fish Cake minced fish, red curry paste, lime leave, green bean, fried served with sweet and sour sauce and cucumber salad.    6.95
Golden Ring fresh calamari fried with wheat batter, salt fried until golden brown and crispy, served with sweet & tangy sauce and ground peanut.    6.95
Tulip Dumplings chicken, shrimp and crabmeat wrapped in tulip shape, made from wheat flour, steamed served with soy vinegrette sauce.    5.95
Crispy Roll ground pork, bean thread, carrot, cabbage rolled in wheat wrapper, fried till golden brown, served with sweet & sour sauce.    3.50
Thai Dumplings fried dumpling filled with ground pork, water chestnut, soy seasonings served with sweet & sour soy, sesame seed sauce.    5.95
Chicken Sa-Tay chicken tender marinated in thai spices and coconut milk, grilled to perfection and served on bamboo skewers with peanut sauce, cucumber salad.    5.95
Between The Sheets crabmeat and shrimp intertwined between crispy golden sheets and served with mellow plum sauce.    7.95
Shrimp In The Blanket jumbo shrimp wrapped in crispy layer filled with ground shrimp and crabmeat served with sweet & tangy sauce.    5.95
Chive Dumpling pan fried dumpling filled with chive and served with garlic soy vinegrette sauce.    5.95
Paradise Island combination of our popular appetizers as steam tulip dumplings, fried thai dumplings, vegetarian corn cakes, chicken sa-tays and cabbage salad.    9.95


House Salad fresh romaine lettuce, vegetables and bean curd topped with a special peanut dressing.    4.95
Beef Salad ** grilled thinly sliced beef, tossed with toasted rice powder, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, lime juice, chilli paste and basil leaves.    7.95
Glass Noodle Salad ** steam glass noodle mixed with shrimp and ground chicken seasoned with lime juice, chilli paste and roasted peanut.    7.95
Seafood Salad seafood combination as scallops, shrimps, squids and mussels tossed with chilli paste, lime juice, fresh lemon grass, toasted rice powder and basil leaves.    8.95
Shrimp Papaya Salad ** shredded green papaya tossed with tomatoes, ground peanut, chilli sauce, lime juice, traditional seasoning and grilled jumbo shrimps    7.95


All Dishes Are Served With Steamed White Rice Except Noodle Dishes.

Thai Basil * your choice of meat, stir-fired with chili paste, garlic onions, bell pepper, basil leaves and green vegetables.  
Thai Basil add chicken    9.95
Thai Basil add beef    11.95
Thai Basil add shrimp    12.95
Seafood Lover ** stir fried seafood combination, squid, scallops, shrimps, mussels, green vegetables with lemon grass, onion, garlic basil leaves in delicious chilli paste sauce.    15.95
Swimming Rama slices of marinated chicken breast, grilled to perfection sauce and served on a bed of wilted steamed spinach and peanut curry sauce.    12.95
Evil Jungle Princess ** your choice of meat, stir fried with green vegetables, bamboo shoot, tofu, basil leaves and creamy red curry sauce.  
Evil Jungle Princess add chicken    11.95
Evil Jungle Princess add beef    12.95
Evil Jungle Princess add shrimp    13.95
Evil Jungle Princess add tofu    9.95
Green Curry **** the hottest of thai curries, your choice of chicken, beef or shrimp in green curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoot, green bean.  
Green Curry add chicken    9.95
Green Curry add beef    11.95
Green Curry add shrimp    12.95
Thai Bar B-Q Chicken grilled half chicken, marinated in special blend of spices and herbs, coconut milk served with spicy sweet & sour sauce and cabbage salad on side.    12.95
Drunken Noodles *** stir fried fat rice noodles, your choice of meat with spice chilli paste, onions, bell pepper, green vegetable and basil leaves.  
Drunken Noodles add chicken    10.95
Drunken Noodles add beef    11.95
Drunken Noodles add shrimp    12.95
Pad Thai stir fried thin rice noodles, your choice of meat with tamarind sauce, tofu, bean sprout, egg, chopped radish, and ground peanut.  
Pad Thai add chicken    10.95
Pad Thai add shrimp    12.95
Pad Thai add beef    11.95
Pad Thai add scallop    14.95
Pad Thai add tofu    9.95
Pad See-Ew stir-fried fat rice noodle with your choice of meat, oyster sauce, green vegetables, egg.  
Pad See-Ew add chicken    9.95
Pad See-Ew add shrimp    12.95
Pad See-Ew add beef    11.95
Pad See-Ew add scallop    14.95
Pad See-Ew add tofu    9.95
Royal Vegetables stir- fried combination of chicken, beef and shrimp with green vegetables, bean thread and oyster garlic sauce.  
Royal Vegetables add chicken    9.95
Royal Vegetables add beef    11.95
Royal Vegetables add shrimp    12.95
Fish Of The Day ** fried whole fish (stripe bass or red snapper) 1 1/2 lbs size topped with 3 flavored sauce of garlic, tamarind and chilli combined in a perfect harmony.  
Fish Of The Day ($16.95 - $19.95)  
Mussaman Curry * sauteed your choice of meat in a rich of masaman curry paste, coconut milk, carrot, potatoes, onions and bell pepper.  
Mussaman Curry add chicken    9.95
Mussaman Curry add beef    11.95
Mussaman Curry add shrimp    12.95
Chu Chee Duck * crispy roasted deboned half duck served in a special creamy red curry sauce flavored with spices, pineapple, pepper and basil leaves.    17.95
Basil Salmon char-grilled fresh fillet of salmon with creamy red curry sauce, flavored with red pepper and basil leaves.    15.95
Salmon Supreme fillet of salmon wrapped in grape leaves and grilled to perfection, served with sweet tamarind sauce.    15.95
Lamb Of Siam ** marinated rack of lamb, cut by pieces, grilled to your satisfaction and served with creamy green curry, onion, mushroom sauce, flavored with basil leaves.    19.95
Seafood Madness ** combination of seafood, salmon, shrimps, scallops, squids and mussels loaded in rich creamy red curry sauce.    15.95
Eggplant Stinger steam thai eggplant lightly sautéed until golden brown, the stir fried with chicken, onions, peppers, basil leaves, green vegetable and chilli paste, garlic sauce.    10.95
Tutti Fruity Duck roasted deboned half duck napped with seasonal fruits and served with honey raspberry sauce.    17.95
Panang Curry spicy your choice of meat with panang curry paste, green bean, coconut milk, ground peanut and bell pepper  
Panang Curry add chicken    9.95
Panang Curry add beef    11.95
Panang Curry add shrimp    12.95
Fried Rice stir-fried your choice of meat with egg, tomato, onion, broccoli and pineapple.  
Fried Rice add chicken    9.95
Fried Rice add beef    11.95
Fried Rice add shrimp    12.95

Special Entrée

Crab Cake * lumped crabmeat seasoned with thai seasonings, molded into patties and fried till golden brown, served with creamy mustard curry sauce.    16.95
Spicy Curry Duck ** deboned roasted half duck served with spicy red curry sauce.    17.95
Himmapan stir-fried chicken and shrimp with tomatoes, pineapple, cashew nuts, green vegetables in delicious chilli paste, oyster flavored sauce.  
Soft Shell Crab soft shell crabs fried, served with red curry sauce, flavored with fried basil leaves.    17.95


Corn Cake fried fresh corn patties, blended with seasonings and served with sweet & sour sauce, cucumber salad, ground peanut.    4.95
Buddha Dumpling fried dumpling, filled with healthful vegetables, served with sweet & sour, sesame seed sauce.    5.95
Vegetarian Roll filled with bean threads, carrot, cabbage, vegetables, seasonings, fried served with sweet & sour sauce.    3.50


Thai Eggplant Salad ** char-grilled and peeled thai eggplants tossed in spicy onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, chilli sauce topped with crispy diced tofu.    7.95
Som-Tum ** cabbage, tomatoes tossed with lime juice, garlic, peanut and thai chilli sauce.    5.95

Soup $3.50

Veggies Delight Soup vegetables medley in clear broth.  
Veggies Coconut Milk Soup coconut milk soup with lemongrass, galangal, vegetables, mushroom and bell pepper.  
Veggies Lemongrass Soup traditional thai hot and sour soup with fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, vegetables, and flavored with basil leaves.  
Jasmine Soup jasmine rice soup with broccoli, carrot, snow pea and diced tofu.  


Siam Noodle thin rice noodles lightly stir fried with tofu, bean sprouts, chopped radishes, mixed vegetables, ground peanut and sweet tamarind sauce.    8.95
Vegetarian Lover lightly stir fried broccoli, snow pea, carrot, tofu, bean sprout, cabbage, tomatoes, in special light sauce.    8.95
Royal Bath slices of crispy tofu on a bed of steam spinach leaves and a delicious peanut sauce.    8.95
Jack & Sue steamed wholesome vegetables blended together, served in creamy onion, mushroom, herb sauce.    9.95
Vegetarian Curry ** green vegetables, tofu in curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo-shoot, flavored with basil leaves, bell pepper.  
Vegetarian Curry add red curry    8.95
Vegetarian Curry add green curry    8.95
Vegetarian Curry add masaman curry    8.95
Vegetarian Curry add panang curry    8.95
Vegetarian Drunken Noodle *** stir-fried rice fat noodle with green vegetables, tofu and chilli paste flavored with basil leave and bell pepper.    8.95
Tofu Basil ** stir-fried green vegetables with tofu and chilli paste, bell pepper, flavored with basil leave.    8.95
Tofu Basil with eggplant    9.95
Vegetarian Fried Rice stir-fried green vegetables with pineapple, rice in garlic sauce.    8.95


Lemon Grass
3630 Lancaster Ave
Btwn N 36th & 37th St
(215) 613-2659
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