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Los Gallos

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Breakfast. From 10am-1pm. Served With Rice And Beans.

1. Huevos Con Jamon eggs with ham 7.00
2. Huevos Con Chorizo eggs with sausage 7.00
3. Huevos A La Mexicana mexican - style eggs. scrambled eggs with chopped tomato, onions, and peppers 7.00
4. Huevos Rancheros sunny side up eggs topped in two tortillas with green sauce 7.99

Served With Lettuce, Cheese, Pico De Gallo & Avocado Grilled Flour Tortilla With Roasted Spicy Marinated Pork With Pineapple Chihuahua Cheese, Lettuce, Cheese, Pico De Gallo & Avocado

5. Queso cheese 6.00
6. Bistec grilled steak 7.00
7. Pollo Asado grilled chicken 7.00
8. Jamon ham 7.00
9. Camarones shrimp 8.00
10. Quesadilla Los Gallos 8.00

11. Championes mushrooms 6.50
12. Huitlacoche black corn, mushrooms 7.00
13. Flor De Calabaza squash blossoms 7.00

Crusty Bread with Refried Beans, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Avocado, Onion And Chipotle Or Spicy Pickled Peppers, Served Slices Of Ham, Lettuce and Oaxaca Cheese

14. Jamon ham 7.00
15. Pallo A La Plancha grilled chicken 8.00
16. Bistec steak 8.00
17. Cecina salt-cure dried beef 8.00
18. Queso De Puerco mexican pork cheese 8.50
19. Al Pastor roasted spicy marinated pork 8.50
20. Carne Enchilada spicy marinated pork meat 8.50
21. Milanesa De Res breaded beef 8.50
22. Milanesa De Pollo breaded chicken 8.50
23. Cubana ham, spicy marinated meat and breaded beef 9.50
Tacos Rancheros $9.99

Three Special Tacos With Lettuce, Sour Cream, Pico De Gallo, Avocado & Chz. Served With Rice And And Pico De Gallo

24. Chorizo mexican sausage
25. Al Pastor roasted spicy marinated pork
26. Pollo Asado grilled chicken
27. Bistec Asado grilled steak
28. Huitlacoche black corn mushrooms
29. Camarones shrimp
30. Pescado fresh tilapia fish
Order 3 Tacos $5.50

Served With Fresh Cilantro & Onion

31. Al Pastor roasted spicy marinated pork
32. Chorizo mexican sausage
33. Bistec Asado grilled steak
34. Pollo Asado grilled chicken
35. Vegetariano vegetarian
Tacos Regulares $7

36. Lengua beef tongue
37. Carnitas deep fried pork
38. Tripa fried tripe
Tacos A La Plancha

Three Corn Tortillas Served With Roasted Tender Cactus, Onions, Grilled Jalapenos & Avocado. (Add Chz $1)

39. Costilla De Res grilled beef short ribs 9.99
40. Cecina salt - cure beef
41. Carne Asada grilled steak
42. Pollo Asado grilled chicken
43. Chorizo mexican sausage
44. Carne Enchilada spicy marinated pork meat
45. Chuleta Ahumada smoked pork chop
46. Al Pastor spicy marinated pork with pineapple
47. Campechanos - Bistec Con Chorizo grilled steak with mexican sausage
48. Carnitas deep fried pork
49. Tripa fried tripe
50. Lengua beef tongue
Platillos & Mexican Dishes

All Dishes Are Served With Tortillas Rice & Beans

51. Parillada Mixta grilled steak grilled chicken, roasted spicy marinated pork, cheese, pico de gallo, beans & rice. 12.50
52. Bistec A La Mexicana mexican - style steak. steak cooked with onion, tomatoes, jalapenos, rice & beans. 12.00
53. Milanesa De Pollo O Res breaded ck or stk. served with lettuce, tomatoes, pico de gallo & avocado. 11.00
54. Mar & Tirra surf n'turf platter. grilled chicken, steak, shrimps with sauteed peppers and onions oaxaca chz, rice & beans. 14.00
55. Gallos Special Fajitas chicken, steak or shrimp. cooked with beil roasted peppers, onions & avocado. 15.00
56. Fajita De Camaron shrimp fajita. cooked with bell roasted peppers, onions & guacamole. 12.50
57. Alambre Especial grilled steak, dork chops, bacon, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms chihuahua cheese. 12.00
58. Ribeye Steak W/ Shrimp served with pico de gallo, guacamole, 2 mini quesadillas, rice & beans. 15.00
Enchiladas Poblanas $11

Three Enchiladas Topped With Choice Of Meat, Lettuce, Cheese, Avocado Sour Cream, Rice & Beans. Choice Of Sauce: Verdes (Green Sauce) Mole Sauce (Traditional Mole) With Lettuce Beans & Avocado Cheese. Important: Al Pastor A

59. Bistec grilled steak
60. Pollo Asado grilled chicken
61. Vegetarianas vegetarian
Cemitas Poblanos $9

Crusty Sesame Bread With Refried Beans, Tomatoes, Oaxaca Chz, Avocado, Chipotle Pepper And A Unique Mexican Herb

62. Pastor marinated pork with pineapple
63. Pollo Asado grilled chicken
64. Bistec Asado grilled steak
65. Carnitas deep fried pork
66. Milanesa De Res breaded steak
67. Milanesa De Pollo breaded chicken
68. Carne Enchilada spicy marinated meat
69. Lengua beef tongue
Burritos Supremos $8.50

Filled With Rice, Beans, Bell Peppers, Onions, Oaxaca Chz, Pico De Gallo, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Avocado & Sour Cream

70. Carne Asada grilled tender steak
71. Pollo Asado grilled chicken
72. Chorizo mexican sausage
73. Pastor marinated pork with pineapple
74. Carne Enchilada spicy marinated pork meat
75. Lengua beef tongue
76. Carnitas deep fried pork
77. Camarones grilled shrimp
78. Huitlacoche (Vegetarian) black corn mushrooms
79. Flor De Calabaza (Vegetarian) squash blossom
Chilaquiles Verdes

Deep Fried Chopped Corn Tortillas Dipped In Green Sauce Topped With Rice, Refried Beans, Mexican Cheese, Sour Cream & Onions

80. Regulares plain 8.00
81. Pollo O Bistec Con Dos Huevos chicken or steak with two sunny side up eggs 11.50
Caldos & Soup Stew

82. Pancita O Menudo spicy stew made of hominy and tripe, with chili pepper and garnished with lime, chopped onions, oregano & cilantro 9.99

Three Flat Fried Corn Tortillas Served With Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cotija Cheese, Grilled Poblano Pepper & Sour Cream Served With Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Guacamole, Chz & Sour Cream

83. Pollo Asado grilled chicken 8.50
84. Bistec Adado grilled steak 8.50
85. Pastor marinated pork with pineapple 8.50
86. Chorizo mexican sausage 8.50
87. Carnitas deep fried pork 8.50
88. Vegetarianas vegetarian 8.00
Nachos Texanso

With Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Cilantro, Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Avocado & Monterrey Jack Cheese

89. Sencillos plain 7.00
90. Con Pollo O Bistec chicken or steak 8.00
Ensaladas / Salads $8.99

91. Ensalada De La Casa house salad. lettuce, tomatoes, tortilla strips, cheddar cheese, grilled chicken with bbq sauce and ranch dressing
92. Ensalada Los Gallos gallos salad. lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, onions, crumbled queso fresco & chipotle ranch dressing
Side Orders

93. Guacamole, chips 6.50
94. Pico De Gallo 6.00
95. Frijoles Con Arroz 4.00
96. Tortilla Chips 2.00


Coca-Cola coke
Jarritos mexican drinks
Horchata rice, milk & cinnamon
Jamaica hibiscus water

Shakes Add Granola $1

Platano banana 4.50
Fresa strawberry
Chocomilk chocolate
Combinado mixed 5.00