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Samiches Deli

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  • Burgers, Deli Food, Sandwiches
  • 5411 Woodland Ave, Philadelphia 19143 39.936219 -75.219385
  • (At S Yewdall St)
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  • (215) 398-1910
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Cold Cuts

With the following: Lettuce/Tomato/Onion/Pickles/Hot Peppers/Sweet Peppers on any choice are add'l.$0.25/Mayonnaise/Mustard/Spicy mustard/Honey mustard/Oil oregano/Black pepper/Red Pepper Seeds. Extra Meat $2/Cheese $0.75/Lettuce or Tomato $0.75/Swee

Breads: we all know it "starts with the bread." our italian rolls are baked, "fresh daily". we also offer wheat hoagie and wheat kaiser rolls, and seeded french rolls. sandwiches can be created on the following breads: kaiser, potato, wheat, rye  
Luncheon Meats: Turkey breast, honey turkey, smoked turkey, pepper turkey, turkey breast pastrami, turkey ham, roast beef, corned beef, buffalo chicken breast, honey bbq chicken breast  
Cheeses: American, swiss, provolone, pepper jack, roasted garlic, cooper sharp, buffalo wing cheese  

Cold Cuts

All Sandwiches this includes: kaiser rolls, potato, wheat and rye bread    4.00
All Sandwiches corned beef, roast beef and tuna    5.00
All Hoagies this includes, italian, wheat and seeded rolls    6.50
All Hoagies corned beef, roast beef, and tuna    7.50
Wraps this includes: plain, wheat, spinach, garlic & herbs, tomato basil    5.50
Wraps corned beef, roast beef, tuna    6.50
Mini Hoagie your choice of turkey breast, ham or regular & cheese. lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion only.    2.00
Mini Hoagie sweet or hot pepper add    0.50

For The Veggies

While We Are Still Growing In Our Vegetarian Menu We Do Offer A Few Items That Cater To You Have Your Veggies Grilled $1 Extra

Veggie Hoagie or Wrap our veggie hoagie is all fresh veggies, spinach, tomato, diced cucumbers, broccoli, mushrooms, roasted peppers, sweet peppers, onions and sun-dried cranberries. all meticulously placed on you choice of hoagie roll or flavored wrap, cheese and spread is optional, we suggest vinaigrette, delicious    6.75

Samiches Deli Specials

These Deli Sandwiches Are Prepared As Is You. Must Specify Any Changes Or Additions To Your Sandwich Of Choice. All Seasoning And Spreads Needs To Be Specified. We Offer Hoagie And Wrap Trays For Your Private Or Office Parties. We Also Have A Selection Of

Beasy honey turkey, smoked turkey, turkey ham, with pepper cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion prepared on an italian hoagie roll, this is for the turkey fanatic.    7.50
Butch's BBB honey bbq, chicken, smoked turkey, and buffalo chicken with garlic cheese on a seeded hoagie roll, lettuce, tomato, sweet peppers and onions are prepared with this mega sandwich    7.50
Dyke oven roasted turkey and roast beef, with provolone cheese, spicy mustard lettuce, tomato, hot peppers, pickles hot onions complete this sandwich...a family favorite!    8.00
D-Mack oven roasted turkey and turkey ham with provolone, cheese, spicy mustard lettuce, tomato, pickles and hot peppers on rye bread. the brother to the dyke, with a spin!    6.50
D-Hot grilled chicken tossed in jerk sauce, grilled with sweet peppers and melted american cheese on a kaiser roll with honey mustard and red pepper seeds...this sandwich brings the heat!    6.95
Spring Bean pepper turkey and turkey breast pastrami with swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a wheat hoagie roll, classic hoagie with a twist!    7.50
Corned Beef Special this classic sandwich is prepared with russian dressing and cole slaw on rye bread with sliced pickle.. you can choose any luncheon meat at no additional cost    6.50
Corned Beef Special add cheese    0.50
Tuna Melt prepared on toasted rye bread with our delicious tuna, lettuce and tomato and your choice of melted cheese topping it off. accompanied with a sliced pickle    5.50
Turkey Bacon Club Wrap oven roasted turkey breast, turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and american cheese on you choice of flavored wrap...yummy!    7.00
Turkey Bacon Club Triple Decker same delicious club, just on three layers of potato or wheat toast with cole slaw and sliced pickle    6.75
Italian Hoagie prepared with provolone cheese & your choice of fresh toppings to complete this classic hoagie    7.00
Italian Hoagie sweet peppers   add 0.25
Diesel samiches "special" fish hoagie. your choice of tilapia or whiting. call for details.  

Turkey Burgers

Home Of Philly's Stuffed Turkey Burger. Worth The Wait, And Definitely Living Up To The Hype. We Prepare Each Burger From Scratch, The Way You Like It.

Turkey Burger fresh ground turkey on your choice of kaiser roll with fried onions and ketchup    5.50
Turkey Burger add lettuce and tomato    0.50
Stuffed Turkey Burger our stuffed burger possibilities are endless: if we have the ingredients...we can stuff it. we suggest cheddar cheese on the inside with your choice.    7.50
Stuffed Turkey Burger broccoli/cheddar  
Stuffed Turkey Burger spinach/cheese  
Stuffed Turkey Burger turkey bacon/cheese  
Stuffed Turkey Burger peppers/cheese  
Stuffed Turkey Burger mushrooms/cheese  
Stuffed Turkey Burger roasted peppers, feta cheese, gorgonzola cheese   add 1.00
Stuffing's With Shrimp     9.50
Stuffing's With Shrimp with chicken    9.50
Stuffing's With Shrimp with crabmeat    11.00
Chicken Parm Stuffed Burger fresh ground turkey stuffed with chicken, sauteed spinach, provolone, and parmesan cheeses, with marinara sauce topped off with provolone cheese ending on a toasted kaiser...yes we can!!    11.50
Turkey Burger Steak same fresh ground turkey, chopped and grilled on a long roll with your choice of toppings this our twist on philly's favorite cheesesteak.    7.75
Turkey Burger Steak add shrimp    10.75
Salmon Burger grilled salmon filet with melted pepper cheese, sauteed spinach, tomato, drizzle of caesar on a toasted wheat kaiser...yummy!    9.75
Cheesesteak sirloin steak, chopped and prepared with your choice of toppings on our delicious italian rolls    6.50

Fried Fish

Platters served with fries

Whiting    platter 6.75 sandwich 4.75 platter w/ shrimp 10.00
Tilapia    platter w/ shrimp 10.00 platter 7.25 sandwich 5.75
Fried Shrimp minimum of 6 for a shrimp platter.   (12) 12.00 ea 1.00 (6) 6.00
Fried Shrimp platter. served with cocktail sauce.   (12) 13.50 (6) 7.50
Fries    lg 3.50 sm 2.00


All Of Our Chicken Entrees Are Prepared With Fresh Hand Cut Chicken Breast. We Have Classic Dishes As Well As Our Own Specialties That Are Guaranteed Crowd Pleasers. Any Choice Is Sure To Be A Mouthwatering Treat. Your Choice Of Flavored Wrap: Tomato Basi

Chicken Steak chunks of juicy chicken breast grilled with your choice of spinach or broccoli, fried onions and spread    8.50
Chicken Steak add on: sweet peppers $0.25, green peppers $0.50, hot pepper $0.25, mushrooms $0.50, roasted peppers $0.75, shrimp $2, extra chicken $3. **anything extra is add $1.50. extra spinach or broccoli $1.  
Buffalo Bill grilled chicken, chunks tossed in a buffalo wing sauce with bleu cheese spread on a toasted jr. roll with melted american cheese, lettuce, and tomato...yummy!    7.75
Samiches Steak chunky grilled chicken with spinach, broccoli, fried onions, lite fried hots, cooper sharp and provolone cheese on a toasted seeded roll, we recommend mayonnaise, ketchup and a line of spicy mustard...definite belly pleaser!    9.75
Chicken Parmesan grilled chicken sauteed in a marinara sauce with grated parmesan and melted provolone cheese on a toasted jr. roll    7.95
Chicken Delight grilled chicken with sauteed spinach, american and feta cheese on a toasted jr. roll    8.00
Mediterranean Wrap tossed and grilled with sauteed spinach then topped with feta cheese, this lighter take on our wrapped and baked to a crisp perfection!    7.50
Chicken Quesadilla our quesadillas are sauteed with tomatoes, sweet peppers, grilled onions and cheddar cheese baked and served with salsa, sour cream and shredded lettuce on the side.    7.50
Chicken Quesadilla ground turkey    8.50
Chicken Quesadilla bbq chicken    8.50
Chicken Quesadilla buffalo chicken    8.50
Chicken Quesadilla jerk bbq chicken    9.00
Chicken Quesadilla tilapia    9.50
Chicken Quesadilla shrimp    11.50
Chicken Quesadilla salmon    12.50

Grilled Chicken Wraps

Our Grilled Chicken Wraps Are Not Only Delicious, But The Possibilities Are Endless. Try One Of Our Specialties, Or Create Your Wan With Our Fresh Ingredients Variety Of Spreads

Grilled Chicken Wraps create your own with your choice of spread, toppings, and flavor of wrap    6.95
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap chunks of juicy grilled chicken with romaine lettuce, tomato, shredded parmesan cheese & caesar dressing on your choice of wrap. please specify if you don't want tomatoes    7.95
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap with grilled tilapia    7.95
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap with grilled salmon    9.50
Hand Cut Chicken Fingers not your ordinary fingers, freshly cut chicken breast strips, breaded and fried to a crisp golden brown  
Hand Cut Chicken Fingers 5 piece fingers    7.95
Hand Cut Chicken Fingers add french fries    8.95
Hand Cut Chicken Fingers cheese fries   lg 4.25 sm 2.75
Grilled Chicken Kaiser grilled chicken on a toasted kaiser roll, with your choice of melted cheese lettuce, tomato and spread    6.25


Sm / Lg. One Of Our More Popular Selections Is Our Rice Dishes. Our Fried Rice Is Made To Order, So The Options Are Endless...Samiches Signature Rice Is A Yellow Rice Tossed With Sweet And Cherry Peppers, Red Onions And Sun-Dried Cranberries A

Just Rice     4.00  8.00
Whiting     10.95  5.50
Whiting extra whiting   add 2.00
Tilapia     13.95  6.50
Tilapia extra tilapia   add 4.50
Chicken     14.95  7.50
Chicken extra chicken   add 3.00
Shrimp     16.95  8.50
Shrimp extra shrimp   add 3.00
Salmon     18.00  9.50
Salmon extra salmon   add 6.00
Rice Wrap our delicious fried rice can be put into one of our flavored wraps and baked on the oven for crisp perfection cheese optional, but suggested to complete this choice you may also add a spread such honey mustard, russian dressing or ranch to top it all off.   add 1.00
Rice Wrap add cheese    0.75
Rice Wrap add spread    0.75


All Salads Are Prepared With Fresh Crisp Romaine Lettuce Of Mixed Greens, And The Freshest Fruits And Vegetables Of Your Choice. Dressings Available On The Side: French, Ranch, Creamy Caesar, Golden Italian, Bleu Cheese&comma

Samiches Garden crisp romaine lettuce, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, and hard-boiled egg  
Samiches Garden with grilled chicken    7.95
Samiches Garden grilled shrimp    9.75
Samiches Garden grilled chicken & shrimp    11.95
Samiches Garden grilled tilapia    8.99
Samiches Garden grilled salmon    10.75
Samiches Garden grilled lump crab    12.95
Classic Caesar crisp romaine lettuce croutons and grated parmesan cheese  
Classic Caesar with grilled chicken    7.95
Classic Caesar grilled shrimp    9.75
Classic Caesar grilled chicken & shrimp    11.95
Classic Caesar grilled tilapia    8.99
Classic Caesar grilled salmon    10.75
Classic Caesar grilled lump crab    12.95
Crispy Chicken Salad strips of boneless chicken strips fried to a golden crisp, and laid atop of romaine lettuce, you choose your salad style.    8.50
Candy Apple Salad grilled chunks of chicken atop mixed greens, with slices of apples, candied pecans, gorgonzola, cheese, sliced strawberries and craisins...yummy!    12.95
Chef Salad your choice of 2 luncheon meats and 1 cheese rolled and sliced into bite size pieces and prepared our "samiches garden" way.    7.95
Chef Salad corned beef or roast beef   add 1.00
Tuna Salad our delicious homemade tuna salad. choose your salad style.   sm 5.00 lg 7.95
Small Grilled Chicken Salad     5.50
Small Garden Salad     3.00

Salad Add On

Craisins     1.00
Extra Egg     0.75
Any Cheese excluding feta & gorgonzola    1.00
Extra Feta, Gorgonzola    ea 2.00
Extra Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Croutons    ea 0.50


(24oz) / (32oz). Our 100% Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Is Prepared Fresh Daily, Hand Squeezed To A Perfection! We Offer A Variety Of Flavors, Made With Only "Fresh Fruit!". Our Lemonade Is A Must Have.

Lemonade     2.00  4.00
Strawberry Lemonade     5.00  2.50
Watermelon Lemonade     3.00  6.00
Strawberry Kiwi     3.00  6.00
Raspberry Lemonade     3.00  6.50

Other Beverages

Fiji Water    (16.9oz) 1.75 (1ltr) 3.00
Spring Water    (16.9oz) 0.50
Ginger Ave    (16.9oz) 1.25
Nantucket Nectars assorted flavors    1.75
Vitamin Water assorted flavors    1.75


We Offer A Variety Of Pastries On A Daily Basis. Always Fresh And Delicious, Our Cheesecakes, Cakes, And Other Pastries Keep You Coming Back And Spreading The Word. Special pastries (call for details).

Strawberry Cheesecake    slice 5.50
Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake    slice 5.50
Red Velvet Cheesecake    slice 5.95
Sweet Potato Poundcake    slice 2.75
Strawberry Poundcake    slice 2.75


Samiches Deli
5411 Woodland Ave
At S Yewdall St
(215) 398-1910
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