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Tasty Asia Foods

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  • Chinese, Indonesian
  • 1807 Washington Ave, Philadelphia 19146 39.93885 -75.174026
  • (At S 18th St)
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  • (215) 546-2808
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1. Vegetable Spring Rolls (2) crispy vegetable spring rolls served with sweet and sour sauce    2.45
2. Fried Wonton(8) crispy wonton stuffed with pork and water chestnuts    2.95
3. Endamame boiled soybean    2.95
4. Roti Paratha with Curry Chicken & Potato Dip fried roti corn indian pancake with curry chicken & potato dipping sauce    2.95
5. Tasty Asia Chicken Wings chicken wings in honey glazed sauce    3.95
6. Tempeh Goreng (4) fried tempeh deep fried fermented soy bean served with chilli sauce & vegetables temps, originally from jova is a very popular meat alternative for vegetarian    3.95
7. Tabu Goreng (4) deep fried asian tofu with hot chili sauce and vegetable    3.95
8. Bakwan Jagung Sweet Corn Fritters fried sweet corn fritters served with sweet and sour sauce    4.95
9. Lumbia Bamboo Shoot Spring Rolls(4) javachese spring rolls stuffed with bamboo shoot carrot ground chicken and shrimp    4.95
10. Slomay Javanese Steamed Dumpling javanese style steamed dumpling tofu and boiled egg served with peanut sauce    4.95
Taha Telor Javanese Tofu & Omelet fried tofu, bean sprout and javanese omelet served with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce    5.95
12. Special Fried Shrimp Ball(8) govind shrimp and pork wrapped in tofu skin served with cabbage salad and sweet sour sauce    6.95


13. Grilled Chicken Salad* grilled chicken, lettuce, red onion, cucumber , cilantro , scallion with sweet sour, and spicy dressing    3.95
14. Urap Urap Balinese Salad With Steamed Grated Coconut cooked vegetables salad fried tempeh boiled egg, served with steamed grated coconut    4.95
15. Gado Gado Javanese Salad With Peanut Sauce cooked vegetable salad fried tofu, tempeh boiled egg served with peanut sauce and crackers its not just salad but can be served as a meal its self with rice cakes, please ask server before you order    5.95

Fried Rice

16. Vegetable Fried Rice     5.45
17. Chicken Beef OR Pork Fried Rice     5.95
18. House Special Or Shrimp Fried Rice     6.95
19. Crispy Salty Fish And Chicken Fried Rice malaysian style fried rice with egg mixed salty fish and chicken    6.95
20.Nasi Goreng Jawa *Javanese Fried Rice javanese style fried mixed with noodle shreddered chicken, omelet bean sprouts and scallions    6.95


21. Mixed Vegetable Soup     3.45
22. Egg Drop Soup     3.45
23. Hot And Sour Soup*     3.45
24. Wonton Soup     3.45
25. Chicken Noodle Rice Soup     3.45
26. Chicken And Corn Soup     3.95
27. Seafood and Corn Soup     4.95
28. Fish Noodle Soup     4.95
29. Soto Ayam Daging Java Chicken Beef Soup soup served with shreddered chicken sliced beef boiled egg, bean sprout and scallion    5.95
30. Soto Betawi Beef Coconut Soup a traditional batavia soup with beef and beef tripe in coconut milk    6.45
Ramón Special Black Beef Stew javanese black beef served with bean sp(rout salty eggs and crackers    6.45
32. Sop Butut Oxtail Soup javanese oxtail soup served with fresh tomatoes, potato and carrots    6.95
33.3 Tahu Campur Lemongan Beef Tendon Soup javanese street vendor soup mixed of tofu noodle, tender beef tendon, lettuce beans sprouts fried mashed sweet potatoes with black shrimp paste and crackers    6.95
34. Guali Kambing Javanese Spiced Lamb Soup* javanese soup served with fresh tomato, potato and carrots    6.95
35. Tom Yum Soup With Seafood thai spicy and sour soup with seafood    8.95

Egg Foo Young

3 Omelettes With Rice

36. Vegetable Egg Foo Young     5.75
37. Chicken Egg Foo Young     6.45
38. Beef Or Pork Egg Foo Young     6.95
39. Shrimp Egg Foo Young     7.25

Fried Noodles

Choice Of Egg Noodle, Rice Noodle, Flat Noodle

40. Vegetable Lo Mein sir fried noodle with vegetable    6.25
41. Chicken Or Beef Or Pork Lo Mein sir fried noodle with choice of meat    6.45
42. Mee Jawa (Javanese Fried Noodle) javanese style stir fried noodle with shredded chicken omelette bean sprouts scallions    6.95
43. Shrimp Or House Special Lo Mein stir fried noodle with shrimp of house special meat    7.25
44.Kway Teow Seafood (Fried Flat Noodle Seafood ) it's a popular noodle dish in malaysia and singapore made form flat rice noodles fried over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, chili, with seafood, egg, bean sprouts and scallions    7.45
45. Egg Noodle With Seafood Malaysian Style stir fried flat egg noodle in special sauce with combination seafood and vegetable    7.95
46. Pan Fried Noodle (Tami) With Seafood indonesian cap cay, mix, vegetable with seafood in white sauce served with deep fried wonton noodle    7.95
47. Singapore Rice Noodle singapore style stir fried rice noodle in special mild curry sauce with shrimp, bean sprout egg, and chinese cabbage    8.95

House Special Noodle Soup

Choice of Egg Noodle, Rice Noodle, Flat Rice Noodle, or Needle Noodle *Hot and Spicy

48. Wonton Noodle Soup noodle soup served with wonton bean sprout and scallops    5.75
49. Curry Chicken, Beef Noodle Soup curry noodle soup served with chicken beef, bean, sprout and scallion    5.75
50. Tao Chew Duck Noodle Soup noodle soup served with teo chew duck bean sprout and scallion    5.95
51. Curry Seafood Noodle Soup curry noodle soup served with seafood bean and scallion    6.25
52. Fujian Noodle Soup served with crispy dough filled with shrimp, shrimp ball, pork, shrimp, crab, meat sprout and scallion    6.25
53. Seafood Satay Noodle Soup noodle soup with sho cha chinese barbeque sauce served with seafood bean sprout bean sprout and scallions    6.25
54. Seafood Noodle Soup noodle soup served with seafood bean sprout and scallion    6.25
55. Jumbo Shrimp Noodle Soup noodle soup served with jumbo shrimp bean sprout & scallion    6.25
56. Cambodian Rice Noodle Soup rice noodle soup cambodian style come with sliced pork, or beef squid pork oil, shrimp ball bean sprout, and scallion    6.25

Rice Dishes

57. Rice With Combination Dishes     5.95
58. Crab With Salad     5.95
61. Nasi With Green Sweet Stew combraised green peanut    6.95
62. Nasi Duri Lunak rice with fries bone fish    6.95
63. Cake With Chicken Curry chicken curry boiled egg chilli fries chicken liver gizzards this traditional food consume celebrate in many paret of indonesia    6.95
64. Lontong Cap Gomeh Rice Cake With 4 Dishes mild chicken curry boiled egg with shrimp paste bamboo shoot curry and chili fried chicken liver glizzered potato served with rice kale and crackers this special dish served on fifteen day of the first month of each chinese new year in indonesia    7.95

Vegetable, Tofu $8.25


65. Crispy Fries Stiffed Tofu fried asian soft with filled with shrimp stuff inside  
66. Ma Pho Tofu combination of tofu and minced in a spicy chili and bean based sauce water chesfruits, onion, mushrooms  
67. Kangkung Belacan - Garlic Sauce a malaysian dishes, its stir - fried water spinach with shrimp paste or garlic sauce  


Pt / Qt, With Rice

68. General Tso's Chicken a sweet and spicy deep - fried hunan chinese dish with pepper    8.25  5.25
69. Sesame Chicken     5.25  8.25
70.Chicken Snow Peas     8.25  5.25
71.Chicken Broccoli stir - fried sliced chicken cooked with broccoli    8.25  5.25
72.Chicken Chinese Vegetables stir - fried sliced chicken cooked with chinese vegetable    5.25  8.25
73.Chicken Pepper And Tomato stir - fried sliced chicken cooked with green red pepper & tomato    8.25  5.25
74.Chicken With Black Bean Sauce stir - fried sliced chicken cooked with onion and pepper with black bean sauce    8.25  5.25
75.Curry Chicken stir - fried chicken cooked with onion & pepper in curry sauce    9.25  5.75
76. Chicken Cap Cay indonesian stir - fried chicken and vegetable on white sauce    5.25  8.25
77. Kung Pao Chicken this classic szechuan cuisine with sauteed chicken & roasted peanuts, spicy pepper sauce    5.25  8.25
78. Orange Chicken chopped, battered and fried chicken pieces coated in a spicy sweet orange - flavored chili sauce, which thickens on caramelizes to a glazed    5.25  8.45
79. Ayam Gorend (Japanese Fried Chicken) deep fries chicken japanese style served with hot chili sauce and vegetable on side   qt 5.95
80. Bebek Goreng (Japanese Fried Duck) deep fried duck japanese style served with hot chili sauce and vegetable on side   qt 6.95
81. Ayam Sambal Balado (Chicken With Balado Sauce) fried marinated chicken with sumatra style hot chili & tangy sauce   qt 6.95
82. Ayam Bumbu Bali ) Chicken With Bali Sauce braised chicken in hot and spicy sauce   qt 6.95
83. Ayam Bumbu Rujak (Chicken With Rujak Sauce spicy chicken in coconut milk sauce   qt 7.45
84. Marinated Dusk Teo Chew-style red braised duck cooked in chiu chow style with asian spices and herbs. this five star "duck" is our most popular dish   whole 15.00 (1/4) 7.95 (1/4) 4.45

Grilled Special


85. Grilled Chicken, Pork Beef vietnamese style water thin slices of chicken, pork marinade with special spices served with cabbage salad on side    5.95
86. Sate (Satay) balinese grilled chicken, lamb, pork on bamboo stick served with peanut, soy sauce    5.95
87. Sate Kelapa (Beef Coconut Satay) east java grilled spiced beef and grated coconut on bamboo stick served with peanut sauce 5    5.95
88. Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish) javanese grilled tilapia fish with vegetables and hot chili sauce    6.95
89. Ayan Bakar (Javanese Griled Chicken) javanese marinated grilled chicken served with hot chili sauce and vegetables    6.95


Pt / Qt, With Rice

90. Pepper Steak stir fried sliced beef steak steak chinese style cooked with pepper & onion    5.45  8.45
91. Beef Snow Peas stir fried sliced beef steak cooked with snow peas    5.45  8.45
92. Beef Broccoli stir fried sliced beef steak cooked with broccoli    5.45  8.45
93. Beef Chinese Vegetables stir fried sliced beef steak cooked with chinese vegetable    5.45  8.45
94. Beef Pepper And Tomato stir fried sliced beef steak cooked with pepper and tomato    5.45  8.45
95. Beef Black Bean Sauce stir fried sliced beef steak cooked with pepper and onion    8.45  5.45
96. Beef Sha Cha Sauce stir fried beef cooked with pepper and onion sha cha sauce or chinese barbeque sauce    8.45  5.45
97. Curry Beef stir fried beef with pepper and onion in curry sauce    5.45  8.45
98. Orange Beef battered and fried beef pieces coated in a spicy sweet orange flavored chili sauce, shish thickers or caramelizes to a glaze    5.45  8.45
99. Kung Pao Beef julienne flank steak, peanuts & chili with brown sauce    5.45  8.45
100. Beef Short Ribs Chinese Style deep fried beef short ribs in brown sauce   order 10.95
101. Randag Padang (Sumairan Beef Curry) spicy dried beef curry   order 11.95


Pt / Qt, With Rice

102. Pork Snow Peas stir fried pork cooked with snow peas    8.45  5.45
103. Pork Broccoli stir fried pork cooked with broccoli    8.45  5.45
104. Pork Chinese Vegetables stir fried pork cooked with chinese vegetable    8.45  5.45
105. Pork Pepper And Tomato stir fried pork cooked with pepper and tomato    8.45  5.45
106. Peking Style Pork Chop a crispy pork in tasty also style brown sweet sauce   order 9.95


Pt / Qt, With Rice

107. Shrimp With Snow Peas stir fried shrimp cooked with snow .peas    9.25  5.75
108. Shrimp Broccoli stir fried shrimp cooked with broccoli    9.25  5.75
109. Shrimp Chinese Vegetables stir fried shrimp cooked with cheese vegetable    9.25  5.75
110. Shrimp Pepper And Tomato stir fried shrimp cooked with pepper and tomato    5.75  9.25
111. Curry Shrimp stir fried shrimp cooked with pepper and onion in curry sauce    5.75  9.25
112. Kung Pao Shrimp sauteed shrimp, roasted peanuts, hot pepper sauce    5.75  9.25
113. Seafood Cap Cay indonesian stir fried seafood and vegetable on white sauce    5.75  9.25
114. Ikan Goreng (Deep Fried Fish) deep fried tilapia fish served with hot chili sauce and vegetables   order 6.99
115. Salt Pepper Squid Or Shrimp fried lightly coated squids or shrimps in sea salt and pepper seasoned flour   order 9.95
116. Ikan, Udang Sambal Baldo fish, shrimp balado sauce, fried tilama fish shrimp with sumatra style hot and wings sauce   order 9.95
117. Ikan, Cadang Bumbu Rujak fish, shrimp with sauce spice tilapia fish, shrimp in coconut milk sauce   order 9.95
118. Ikan,. Udang Bunibu Ban fish, shrimp with basil sauce braised tilapia fish shrimp in hot and spicy sauce   order 9.95
119. Honey Walnut Shrimp In Mayonnaise crispy barrend shrimp tossed in creamy sauce topped with sugar coated walnut   order 11.25
120. Bandong Duri Lunak fried soft bone fish, deep fried spiced soft bone milk fish serve with hot chili sauce   order 11.95
121. Steamed Fish With Ginger Sauce steamed in slices fresh ginger scallions and soy sauce in cream steamed fish is a popular dish to serve during special occasions   order 11.95
122. Steamed Fish with black bean sauce, steamed tilapia fish, served with black bean sauce   order 11.95

Side Order

123. White Rice     0.75
124. Brown Rice     1.00
125. French Fries     1.50
126. Rice Cake     2.00
127. Shrimp Crackers (3)     2.00
128. Satay, Peanut Sauce     3.95
129. Sambal Belacan, Terasi hot chilly sauce with belacan    3.95

Lunch Special $5.50

Served With White Rice and Soup or Soda or Egg Roll Monday - Friday: 10:30am-3pm (Except Holidays)

L 1. Pepper Steak   
L 2. General Tso's Chicken   
L 3. Sesame Chicken   
L 4. Chicken, Beef, Pork, Broccoli   
L 5. Chicken, Beef, Pork Pepper & Tomato   
L 7. Sha Cha Sauce vegetable vegetable, chicken, bee, pork  
L 8. Curry Chicken, Beef   


D1. Soda     0.75
D2. Vietnamese Coffee style coffee with condensed milk served with ice fort    1.95
D3. Coconut Drink young coconut slices and coconut in syrup    2.50
D4. Campur (Combination)     3.49
D5. L Drink     3.49
D6. Soda Ice     3.49
D7.     3.49
D8. Avocado     3.49

Dessert $3.95

*Hot and Spicy

D9. Tasty Ask Ice Cream   
D10. Pisting Goreng (Fried Banana)   


Tasty Asia Foods
1807 Washington Ave
At S 18th St
(215) 546-2808
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