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A01. Medhu Vada fried lentil donuts    4.00
A02. Dal Vada Or Paruppu Vada crispy channa dal vada    4.00
A03. Rasam Vad lentil donuts soaked in pepper water    4.25
A04. Sambhar Vada lentil donuts soaked in sambar    4.25
A05. Dahi Vada Or Thayir Vada lentil balls soaked in spiced yogurt    4.25
A06. Idli soft steamed patties made out of fermented rice and lentil batter served with sambar and coconut chutney    4.00
A07. Idli & Medhu Vada Combo     6.00
A08. Idli Sambar mini idlies soaked in sambar    5.50
A09. Mix Veg Pakora onion, spinach & chick peas flour fritter)    5.00
A10. Chilli Pakora green chilli dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried    5.00
A11. Aloo Bonda lentil dumpling with onion & potato    5.00
A12. Vegetable Cutlet a vegetarian patty dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried    5.00
A13. Vegetable Samosa pyramid shaped pastry shell savored with potato, onion, and green pea stuffing    4.00

Chat & Indo-Chinese

C01. Bhel Puri crispy rice flakes mixed with potatoes, peas, tomatoes, onions, and sauces    5.00
C02. Paani Puri tiny little wheat shells served with potatoes, chick peas and spiced water    5.00
C03. Paapdi Chat paapdi mixed with onion, tomato, yogurt & spices    5.00
C04. Phav Bhaaji toasted bread buns served with special curry    6.00
C05. Cheese Phav Bhaaji     6.50
C06. Vada Phav     5.00
C07. Gobi Manchurian Dry cauliflower fritters with cooked in spicy manchurian sauce    6.00
C08. Lasooni Gobi crispy cauliflower tossed in tangy garlic    6.00
C09. Chilli Paneer     7.00
C10. Salt & Pepper Mushroom     6.00

Dosa Varieties

Dosa Is A Thin Rice Crepe, Originated In Southern India, But Popular All Over India. Served With Sambar And Coconut Chutney

D01. Sadha Dosa thin rice crepe    6.50
D02. Ghee Dosa butter flavored thin rice crepe    7.00
D03. Cone Dosa cone shaped thin rice crepe    6.50
D04. Paper Dosa thin crispy rice crepe    7.00
D05. Onion Dosa onion sprinkled in thin rice crepe    6.50
D06. Masala Dosa rice crepe filled with potato and onion masala    7.00
D07. Butter Masala Dosa butter flavoured rice crepe filled with potato and onion masala    7.50
D08. Paper Masala Dosa thin crispy rice crepe wit masala    7.50
D09. Mysore Masala Dosa spiced rice crepe filled with potato and onion masala    7.50
D10. Butter Mysore Masala Dosa butter flavoured spiced rice crepe filled with potato and onion masala    8.00
D11. Cheese Masala Dosa mysore dosa topping with cheese    7.50
D12. Onion Chilli Masala Dosa crepe filled with onion, chilli & potato masala    7.50
D13. Rava Dosa thin wheat and lentil crepe    8.00
D14. Rava Masala Dosa wheat and lentil crepe filled with potato masala    8.50
D15. Onion Rava Dosa thin wheat and lentil crepe sprinkled with onions    8.25
D16. Onion Rava Masala Dosa wheat and lentil crepe filled with potato masala & onions    8.75
D17. Andhra Kara Dosa spicy rice crepe filled with spices, onions & potatoes    7.50
D18. Thulasi Special Family Dosa 5 foot long thin rice crepe    12.00
D19. Madurai Malli Dosa rice crepe with coriander chutney spread    8.00


Indian Style Pancake Made Out Of Rice And Lentil Batter

U01. Plain Uthappam     6.50
U02. Onion Uthappam uthappam topped with tomato    7.00
U03. Onion Hot Chilli Uthappam uthappam topped with tomato pieces and green chili    7.50
U04. Tomato Peas Uthappam uthappam topped with tomato pieces and green peas    7.50
U05. Podi Uthappam uthappam topped with homemade hot chilli powder mix    7.50
U06. Masala Uthappam uthappam topped with potato and onion masala    7.50
U07. Kara Uthappam     8.00
U08. Cheese Uthappam uthappam topped with shredded cheese    8.00
U09. Thulasi Special Uthappam Sampler 5 pieces of mini uthappams with assorted toppings    8.50
U10. Vegetable Uthappam     8.00

Thulasi Special Rice Varieties

R01. Bisibella Bhath rice cooked with lentils, fresh vegetables, curry leaves & spices    8.00
R02. Coconut Rice steamed rice sauteed in a mixture of fried grated coconuts, dried red chilles and spices    7.50
R03. Tamarind Rice steamed rice mixed with tamarind sauce and spices    7.50
R04. Tomato Rice steamed rice sautéed in a mixture of tomato, onions, green chillies and spices    7.50
R05. Yogurt Rice steamed rice mixed with seasoned yogurt and spices    7.00
R06. Lemon Rice lemon flavoured rice with mild spices    7.50
R07. Vegetable Biriyani flavoured rice cooked with vegetables & spices    8.00
R08. Ven Pongal a common, popular breakfast & dinner option. made from a right combination of rice & lentil mixed with spices, curry leaves, cashews fried in butter    7.50

House Special

H01. Adai & Avial combination of dal pancake, w/avial, coconut & chilly    8.00
H02. Poori Bhaji deep fried puffy bread served with potato masala    7.00
H03. Pesararatu With Uppuma spicy green lentil crepe served with a cream of wheat cooked with vegetables & spices    8.50
H04. Kal Dosa W Veg Korma homestyle dosa served with vegetable korma    9.00
H05. Parotta Korma a popular street food served in tamilnadu & kerala. fluffy, soft circular bread made of plain flour. served with vegetable korma    9.00
H06. Chappathi Korma single layer flat wheat bread served with vegetable korma    7.00
H07. Chole Batura large deep fried puffy bread served with chick peas curry    7.50
H08. Kuzhi Paniyaram salt & sweet    7.00
H09. Thulasi Special Aappam bowl shaped rice pancakes served with sweet coconut milk. a popular breakfast option in kerala    8.00

Thulasi Special Thali

T01. Punjabi Thali     12.00
T02. Thulasi Special Thali     14.00

House Special Curries

Choose Your Spice Level - Mild / Medium / Hot / Extra Hot

HC01. Avial garden fresh vegetables cooked with coconut and spices. a popular dish served as part of lunch in most weddings in the states of kerala & tamilnadu    7.00
HC02. Vegetable Korma garden fresh vegetables cooked in coconut milk, garlic & ginger paste    7.50
HC03. Chole Saag     8.00
HC04. Aloo Gobi cauliflower florets & potatoes cooked with mild spices    8.50
HC05. Aloo Gobi Palak cauliflower florets, potatoes & spinach cooked with mild spices    9.00
HC06. Navarathan Korma traditional north indian dish cooked with assorted vegetables, dry fruits and nuts    8.50
HC07. Channa Masala chickpeas cooked in exotic masala sauce    8.50
HC08. Paneer Makhni cottage cheese cooked in a rich tomato based gravy with a subtle blend of spices    9.00
HC09. Malai Kofta cottage cheese and mixed vegetables dumplings simmered in a rich creamy sauce    9.00
HC10. Palak Malai Kofta     9.00
HC11. Bhindi Masala tender okra cooked in masala sauce    8.50
HC12. Kadai Bhindi tender okra sautéed with onions, tomatoes and green peppers in rich gravy    8.50
HC13. Mutter Paneer green peas & cottage cheese cooked with spices    9.00
HC14. Aloo Mutter potatoes & green peas cooked in a thick curry sauce    7.50
HC15. Mushroom Cheese Masala     9.00
HC16. Mushroom Saag     8.00
HC17. Mushroom Mutter     8.00
HC18. Taduka Daal yellow lentils with chopped onions and tomatoes flavoured with garlic and cumin    7.50
HC19. Daal Makhni creamed lentils delicately cooked overnight on low heat, finished with butter, garnished with cream    8.00
HC20. Paneer Musalam     9.00
HC21. Daal Saag     8.00
HC22. Kadai Paneer roasted cottage cheese cooked with rich butter gravy    9.00
HC23. Baigan Bhartha baked eggplant pureed and finished in a pan with tomatoes, onions and herbs    8.50


IC01. Gobi Manchurian - Gravy cauliflower fritters marinated in corn batter and cooked in spicy manchurian sauce    7.50
IC02. Vegetable Fried Rice     7.00
IC03. Vegetable Hakka Noodles indo-chinese style noodles cooked with spring onions and bell peppers    7.00
IC04. Singapore Rice Noodles thin rice noodles    7.50


B01. Naan     2.00
B02. Garlic Naan     2.50
B03. Onion Kulcha     2.00
B04. Cheese Naan     3.00
B05. Potato Kulcha     2.50
B06. Roti     2.00
B07. Aloo Parotta     3.00
B08. Thulasi Special South Indian Parotta (2)     4.50
B09. Bread Basket garlic naan, onion kulcha & roti    5.00
B10. Plain Poori (2)     3.00


D01. Rice Kheer     3.00
D02. Gulab Jamun     3.00
D03. Ras Malai     4.00
D04. Carrot Halwa     4.00
D06. Ice Cream     3.00
D07. Thulasi Special Mutka Kulfi     3.50

Cold Beverages

CB01. Sweet & Salt Lassi     3.00
CB02. Mango Lassi     3.00
CB03. Strawberry Lassi     3.50
CB04. Thulasi Special Butterscotch Lassi     3.50
CB05. Soda     1.50

Hot Beverages $2.50

Special South Indian Coffee   
Masala Tea   

Kids Menu

Veg Noodle Soup     3.00
Butter Cone Dosa     4.00
Veg Noodles     4.00
Pizza Uthappam     4.00
Mini Idli     4.00
Fried Idli     4.00


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